15 August 2012

Ugly Mirror to Pretty Mirror

Very easy, just used some good quality spray paint!


 And After:

Stove Coffee

Our power was out for five days, and I was dying for coffee, so I made it on the stove:

I boiled the water and poured it over my grounds, just like a cowboy or an Amish person.  It was delicious.

Crunchy Butterscotch Pudding pops

Make instant pudding.
Pour into popsicle mold, fill halfway.
Add Heath bits.
Fill rest of the way with pudding, insert stick/handle.

Father's Day Cereal Bowl

For his first Father's Day, I made Poke a cereal bowl especially for him, from 4L.  I also painted a mustache on his favorite mug.
Michael's had some ceramic paint on sale, so I went ahead and bought all the primary colors plus a few extras. I have many plans for this paint!
It's easy to use, if you are patient.  You can't just slop it on like acrylic paint - you must dab gently, otherwise you'll get streaks and lines instead of a smooth finish.
Paint, let dry overnight, paint again, let dry overnight, then bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees (or whatever your paint says to bake at for however long).
Yay! Custom-made wares!


 And now a photo of Poke enjoying cereal out of his awesome bowl:

Drunken Marshmallows & Muddled Blueberry Lemonade

I took some homemade marshmallows and soaked them in cheap vodka for a week. The result was an AWESOME piss-colored drink. YEAH! We mixed it with seltzer. The reason it's neon yellow is because the marshmallows were passion fruit flavored and it happened to be yellow.  I'm sure with plain marshmallows and vodka, it would probably turn out clear or slightly white.  I did have to strain through two coffee filters in a colander because those marshmallows really broke down.

Then Poke bought some "Wolfberry" rum, so we smashed up some blueberries, added seltzer and lemonade, and voila! Wolfberry lemonade. Delicious! And so fancy for your next outdoor party... or indoor playing Wii party.

Diaper Cake & Cupcakes

First, here is a picture of some hot glue that dried in the shape of Squidward:

Now here is how to make diaper cupcakes:
  • Unfold and refold diapers lengthwise.
  • Roll up like a doobie (half of the diapers - save the other half)
  • Other half - roll up straight edge to edge.
  • Wrap a rubber band around.
  • Stick the doobie inside the straight roll.
  • Decorate with anything that will not affect the integrity of the diaper (no staples/pins/markers/etc).

For a cake, wrap them all up straight except for one, which will be the top layer.  Put a bottle of wine or water or something the mommy and daddy like to drink in the middle of a platter. Place diaper wraps all around, making three layers. Secure each layer with a big rubber band. Wrap ribbon around, or cover each entire layer with a receiving blanket - the possibilities are endless!