09 September 2007

I Love GMaP

My Own Double Standard


I hate these bitches who are always leaving comments and emailing Poke on MySpace. It's really very irritating, and I'm not 100% sure why. I just hate it. It's not like I think he is cheating or anything or blah blah blah. Not at all. I guess I'm just so insecure in myself that I'm afraid he's going to find someone way awesomer than me and leave me for her. I don't know why I think this, he's told me time and time again that things are different this time. He's even said all this shit to his friends, like I mentioned in the post before last. I guess it will just take time to prove that he's right.

On the other hand, the guy at Taco Bell hit on me today. It was cool, made me feel all special, but it was nothing compared to when I wake up in the morning, roll over, and Poke tells me I'm pretty - pretty beautiful! Yay.

02 September 2007

I Rule at Making Videos!

My Bad!

Well I know it's been a really long time since I updated. Shit has just been happening and I find myself just wanting to lay on the couch more than be on the stupid computer. But I thought I owed you all an update, so here you go.

Poke: Things are awesome. We've moved into this other phase of our relationship, it's wonderful. I don't worry about things anymore, I think he's finally realized that marriage isn't evil, and it's all working out quite nicely. He's told his friends on several different occasions that he knows I'm the only girl for him and he couldn't ask for anything more, etc. He even told JW that he's never going to be into another girl, that I'm IT. YAY!

Work: Shitty. The job itself is fine, but $10 an hour just isn't cutting it. I can barely pay my bills, seeing as how my monthly net is almost $100 less than my bills. I won't know until like October 22nd-ish whether or not I'm even getting hired full time. I would think that after two months of training and all the time they're spending on us, plus my awesomeness, that I would get hired on as a real employee, but you never know. We all know what my luck is like.

Life in general: Fair. OSU football finally started, with a kill on YSU Penguins (how ghey) and a surprise from the north when Appalachia State out of North Carolina beat Michigan. So fucking great! SJK's games are the highlight of my week from now until whenever they reach the playoffs and however far they get there. To end my post, here is an article all about him.

Watterson heats up to stymie Willoughby South

SNP photo by Seth Shaner

Watterson junior JG (20) uses a stiff arm to gain some leverage on a run during the Eagles' 38-0 opening-week home win over Willoughby South Friday.

Heat, humidity and the smallest of breezes set the stage for the Bishop Watterson football team to shine at Hagely Field Friday.

The Eagles (1-0) shined brighter than the setting son, defeating visiting Willoughby South 38-0.

Running the ball was not a problem for one team, while it doomed the other as Watterson pushed the Rebels backward to the tune of minus-47 yards.

The Eagles were bolstered by a 94-yard day on the ground from junior KO, and outgained Willoughby South 337-92.

The smoothest play of the game came with 5:01 to play in the second quarter.

On a one-play drive that took all of six seconds, senior quarterback MT lofted the ball up the left sideline from the Rebels' 34-yard line.

Running stride-for-stride with a Willoughby cornerback, senior receiver SJK looked up, saw the ball and broke away in the final 10 yards to pull the ball in for the score.

"That's our fastest guy," coach DB said. "He's a track kid and he runs great. He has really good speed and you just try to take advantage of what he can do and get him the ball."

T was glad to see the play work.

"SJK did a great job running it down," he said. "He has great speed. He has a burst that not many people on the football field have. Having him is a great asset for our team."

SJK felt confident the play could be successful.

"I knew it was coming right to me. We've been working on that pass in practice and it just came so natural for us. We've hit the pass all the time and we knew the corners were pressing us, so we just changed it up at the line and it worked."

Watterson's other touchdowns were of the running variety.

Senior JP scored on a 1-yard run with 4:33 to play in the first quarter.

Senior kicker MR nailed a 27-yard field goal with 5:22 to play in the first half, giving the Eagles a 10-0 advantage.

KO scored from four yards out with 48 seconds to play in the half and later scampered 54 yards to score with 11:12 to play in the fourth.

Junior BB punched it in for the final score of the game from a yard out with 3:34 to play.

The game was played in the same kind of heat the Eagles have been practicing in for much of the past three weeks, and getting the chance to take their aggression out on an opponent was a good thing.

"It's very rewarding because it has been very hot," Coach DB said. "I think our kids have handled it really well. I think this is probably one of our most in-shape teams. I'm not sure really why, but we've been handling the heat really well in practice and it showed tonight."

Watterson is scheduled to travel to Pickerington North Friday, Aug. 31, at 7:30 p.m.

The Panthers are coached by first-year boss Tom Phillips, who most recently coached at Bexley, where he won 21 games in three years.