03 June 2008

Strange Dreams - it's been awhile -

I am in NYC visiting my friend Izzy. Apparently we are moving in together near where he lives currently. I have arrived in an SUV. We are sitting in my new apartment, so I can practice living there, watching The Twilight Zone. Afterwords, we go for a walk in Central Park with his dog, Scooby. Scooby is on a leash, but he is very bouncy. Then I find us back in the SUV. It seems we have gone to pick up Chinese food, and I am waiting in the car. It has been raining the entire time and everything is blue-gray. At one point I tell Izzy that he's much cuter in person than in pictures. Then I wake up.

My friend WCR (formerly WR from school) and I are aliens. We look like humans, but we are actually aliens on an alien planet where everything is perceived as earthly to us. Our spaceship has landed and taken the form of a moderately priced hotel. We have special suits, but nobody else on the ship does, and when we walk out the door they all evaporate but we are okay. The mission is to steal these bombs away from the main evil alien, who happens to be looking like a transvestite Uma Thurman. WCR and I get to where we are supposed to be, and pick up the bombs, which look like those little chocolate coins you used to get for Christmas or Chanukah. I throw one out the window of our smaller spaceship, which is a nice black convertible, and it creates an enormous explosion. We are trying to get to this other main alien base, and when we arrive, it looks like a sort of country club, with pools and spas and a very green golf course. At some point during the dream, the "camera", if you will, pans out and gives a real view of the planet, which is dusty and red and very very dry looking. In order for WCR and I to survive, we have to see things for what we want them to be, rather than what they are, otherwise we will expire from the awfulness of it all. I am sitting by this beautiful pond, plotting out the rest of the day. It doesn't really matter what happens to the bombs, except for the cannot fall into Uma's hands. I am thinking of tossing them into the pond because they will float and fizzle and not cause a huge explosion. Uma comes up to me, and I pretend to not know her. In the meantime, WCR has gotten the car ready; I hear her pull up and run out the door and jump in, Luke Duke style. We speed off down a super long highway with plains on both sides. I could easily throw the bag out the window, but we would all be killed by the shrapnel if not by the explosion itself. I debate tossing the bombs one by one, but that might take too long. There are only about 7 left in the bag, but Uma in her Benz is catching up to us quickly. Then it hits me! I will bomb her! Nobody said we couldn't kill her! So I start tossing the coins behind our car, one by one, as WCR speeds up to over 120 mph. We fly down the highway as the fire from the explosions singes the hair on our heads. We high five. I wake up.

Can't really remember all the details, but for about four nights I continuously dreamt that I was incredibly pregnant and had to be the hero in all kinds of situations... interesting...