27 June 2009

Videos You Need to Watch (and why)

3oh!3 - "Don't Trust Me"

This song absolutely RULES. It's dirty, nasty, and it makes me wanna fuck someone's brains right outta their head. I especially love the hook - "Shush girl, shut your lips! Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips!" Nice. Plus the one dude looks like Seann William Scott...mmm...

Theory of a Deadman - "Hate My Life"

I totally feel this song. My ex-husband used to make fun of me because I'd always tell him "I hate my life" - but I really did! Now someone has put my feelings to lyrics to music and I dig it. Also, the lead singer is hot - too bad he looks kinda like Poke.

One Republic - "Apologize"

Always loved this song, never checked out the video til recently. The video actually isn't all that great, a little too artsy-fartsy for me, but still kinda cool. I was totally stoked when Kris Allen did it on American Idol, but I was highly disappointed when I heard the Timbaland hip-hop version. Eww.

Kanye West - "Heartless"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and video! I know lots of people don't care for Kanye, but I really don't think about that kinda shit. I think he makes great music and it's so fucking catchy while still having some meaning behind it. This song reminds me of my relationship with Poke - just switch the "he" to "she" and so on. So true.

The Ting-Tings - "That's Not My Name"

Hahaha. Yeah, I've been that girl who sleeps around a lot and I often wonder if ol' dude remembers my name the next week... Hilarious song, catchy, fun.

That's about all I've got for now. Enjoy.

24 June 2009

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better

What's up. It's been a fairly uneventful week.

I had another date w/RR on Monday night, that was good. He texted me Monday afternoon, "R we gettin 2gether 2night", which made me jump outta my skin cuz 1) I'm a huge nerd and 2) He doesn't usually text very much. So I called him and we talked for a little bit, thank god I was on my lunch break! LOL Anyway, he explained why I hadn't seen him Friday, said he had thought about calling me Saturday, and Sunday he slept all evening til the morning. Apparently I'm wearing him out! =) So he picked me up at 9:30pm and he cracked me up when I heard a knock on the door and went to open it and I see him walking away. I'm like "oh you're such a gentleman!" hahaha. Turns out his front car seat had gotten all trashed up (he's a courier and thus works out of his car) and he was tryin to clean it for me... He half succeeded, lol, I didn't have to sit on top of junk, just have it around and under my feet. We went to Legends behind the house, and later realized we should have just walked over. They have $1 Miller Lites on Mondays so we did a bunch of shots, drank a bunch of beers, and played the jukebox. There were some interesting characters there that night, and it made for interesting conversation to say the least. We came home around 1:30am, having decided earlier that we need to get to bed BEFORE 4:30am. Ha, after watching tv, having amazing sex, watching more tv, smoking cigarettes and having a couple more beers in between all that, we ended up falling asleep around 3:30am. Not too bad! LOL The next morning was good, as always, I made him some breakfast, he got on the computer to look up some directions, and that was that. As he was leaving he let Fox escape out the front door, but instead of freaking out like Poke always did when Fox ran out he simply walked over and picked him up outta the grass.

Shit! Speaking of Poke, he fucking texted me at 3am while RR and I were laying there trying to sleep. He sent me a picture of some girl's feet with these weird sparkly sandals and said "these are nice shoes right?" What a jackass. He thinks that he can remind me of his foot fetish and something will happen? Maybe? Nope. I am totally done w/him. I texted him back "my boyfriend and i are tryin to sleep. plz don't text me". Moron. Kinda makes me feel a little smug though because when his gf was blowing me up the other week she was all "he's never coming back now" and I was like "ok we'll see cuz he always comes back" and yes, indeed, he continues to randomly text me. Oh well, now he'll see what it's like to want someone and they don't want you back, just like I did practically the whole time we were together!

So back to RR. We're not "dating" or anything official, though I'm hoping for more someday, but I'm not going to push the issue. He told me on Monday he's happy with how things are right now, and that we don't need to make things complicated, so that's fine. As long as we're hanging out regularly and enjoying each other, that's alright by me! I'm back to being a happy girl (and not just cuz of him either) and I like it. Being happy is good.

17 June 2009


16 June 2009

Drama, Drama, DRAMA!

Poke's fucking girlfriend was BLOWING up my phone Saturday night and Sunday morning. She and another girl even took the time to call me from his phone on Saturday night. Ridiculous. Even when he's with someone else he can't leave me the fuck alone. It's so sad.

Work is kicking my mental ass, I (almost) hate going there everyday, but I'm looking for a new job so we'll see. My supervisor basically told me and the other girl there that we're going to be fired by the end of the week. She's so busy trying to impress the higher-ups that she's totally fucking up the relationship with her employees. This sucks even more because I know that she is a really cool person and she worked hard to get this promotion (and I helped her get it) but I feel like she just can't "supervise". Whatever. Maybe she'll get a clue and I can actually get to stay and once again say that I'm working my dream job.

I've had a wonderful few weeks hanging out with my friends. I'm going out more and doing what I want. It's very... invigorating. I was kinda talking to this one guy, JM, but that's basically done now. He and I just have too much in common - I know that sounds pretty strange but it's the truth. He was a chef out in Utah at this ski resort, and I'm a chef too, he likes Batman, I like Batman, we just have nothing to talk about because we have all the same opinions on everything. That makes for a very boring conversation. The sex was good, but without the awesomeness outside the sheets, it doesn't really matter. I ended up also hooking up with a friend of mine from school, NW, and that was pretty sweet. I was irritated for awhile because he was blowing me up while Poke and I were still together, going on and on about how we needed to be together and he could/would treat me right and so on. Then, once I was single, he all but disappeared. Well I saw him when I stopped by school the other day and I kinda called him out on it - two days later he called and apologized, I went and hung out w/him while he worked at this bar, then we came back to my place. All I'm gonna say is that for being a short guy (my height, but a small type guy) he sure does carry a wonderful package... yeah I meant for that to be less explicit. I suppose I should just say he's got a nice penis! LOL so tacky.

Then there's RR. Oh my.
I met him for the first time in 2003. One of the first conversations we had went like this:

RR: Who is that guy with you? Your brother?
Me: No, that's my husband.
RR: You should leave your husband and come home with me.

So, obviously, he's been attracted to me for awhile. =) I am not really sure why it took so long for us to finally go out, but now that it's happened, omg, wow. We went out last Wednesday and it was amazing, we spent the whole night at the bar talking and talking and talking about all kinds of things. There was never a lull in conversation - NEVER! Then we came home and had some amazing sex, followed by more talking. I went out with him again last night and it was the same. Awesome conversation, awesome time, awesome sex. Totally awesome all around. Unfortunately I tried to convey a message (I think we should be mutually sexually exclusive) and I think it came out wierdly, and frankly, too early. I had the words planned in my mind but they came out sooo wrong - he was cool though, and we talked through it, and I think everything is still okay. He did say he would "think about" being exclusive. I'm pretty sure my frankness and spontaneous-ness kinda threw him for a loop. =\

Then there's this other guy, JY, who randomly asked me out last Friday. I really have nothing to say about him cuz I have only talked to him irl 2 or 3 times, and we haven't actually had a date. We'll see.

Back to RR. LOL. He is also awesome because he supports all the shit I want to do. My plan to getting famous, or at least known, is very vague at this point. I don't even know where to start. He has lots of ideas for me, most involving cooking and food (duh, cuz I'm a chef) and some involving him and his music. He's in three bands, and he's trying to start some blues-type solo project, and he wants me to write some lyrics so he can put them to music, and, possibly, sing for/with him. We just get along so well. I don't even know what else to say.

Well, I guess I'll go now. I'm drinkin' some miller high life light and it's starting to catch up to me.

11 June 2009

I'm Back!

Hello people. How are you doing today? I am fine. I have chosen to re-open this blog since I once again have plenty to talk about!

First up, school. I'm almost done - 8 days til graduation! Yay!

Next, Poke. He left me for the fourth and final time on May 1st, 2009, and I will *not* be taking him back again. He had his chances and he royally fucked me over and over. Done.

Third, work. I am a chef at and assisted living facility on the East Side. It's nice. I don't love it as much as I did when I first started, but it kinda pays the bills so I don't really have a choice.

Fourth, men. I love men. I have been getting plowed all over the place. No, I'm kidding, but I did go on a date with this guy I've known since 2003 and we had an awesome time. This brings me back to Poke, since he was always so mean to me and told me in so many words how worthless I am (was). Since he's been gone, I've gone on quite a few dates and such, and Poke was so wrong! I rule!

Alright, that's it for now. I have to go sleep.