05 July 2008


Yay I had two weeks off school, and I am going back on Monday. I finally got approved for school aid, so now I just have to pay $2,665.00 instead of $9,474.00. Yippy! Poke and I went to Cedar Point, I went to the pool here twice and got sunburned twice, and I was struck with e.coli or salmonella - not sure which. I still have it and it's annoying. My vacation wasn't very exciting, but it sure was relaxing! Here are pics from Cedar Point in the form of a little video I made for Poke:


Wow I really suck at updating lately. My bad.

Anyway, I had a dream that I lived in Cleveland, and it seemed that I lived in my uncle's house, but it wasn't his real life house. I worked at some church, and I was walking along the road when this very cute boy and his younger brother pulled up in an old Chevy Impala SS. The cute boy was younger than me, by not much, but the brother was only a teenager. They looked kind of Italian, and started talking to me as I walked down the road. I tried to ignore them because I didn't know them, but once I looked at the cute boy I was smitten. Some weird thing in me said that this was the perfect guy for me and we'd been together in past lives and all kinds of bullshit like that. Something you'd see in a movie I guess. So I let them give me a ride to the church. He kept trying to kiss me and I kept resisting, and when we got to the edge of the church property, he stopped the car. I asked him why he couldn't take me all the way to the door and he made up some lame lines about not wanting to disturb hallowed grounds. I got out and walked the rest of the way, while they just sat there and watched me. As I did my work, which was cleaning and tidying up and organizing, I suppose, I would glance out the window and they would still be staring at me. No matter what room I was in, I would look out and see them and the cute boy would wave and smile. Suddenly, a dog came running across the yard and jumped in through the window. The cute boy and his brother jumped through after it, and they were acting very animalistic. The brother pounced on the dog and started chewing at it's fur, making a bare spot on the dog's neck. The cute boy pounced on me and held me down, saying he was sorry I had to see this but they hadn't eaten in hours and were starved. Ah, yes - they were werewolves! I pleaded with the cute boy to not kill the dog, but he continued to let his brother suck it's blood out. Then the cute boy looked at me and said that the time had come for fate to rear it's beautiful head, and he started chewing on my neck. I asked him please wouldn't he rather make love to me than suck my blood and he replied that this was much more intimate than any sexual act. So, I became a werewolf too. Here is where things get weird. (I know, right?) Apparently, I passed out, and they left me there. Obviously I wasn't going to die, because now I was a shape-shifter, but I had a really bad headache. Right. I walked out of the church, and noticed immediately that 1) they were still following me in the car and 2) once I stepped off church grounds my headache went away. Weird. I see an elementary school, and instantly I get this kind of blood lust in my mouth, like when you're tasting so much for a Big Mac and you can't be satiated until you eat one. There's a big swimming pool in front of the school, and I jump into it. Oh, I also took off all my clothes before jumping in. The kids start coming out, and they see me in the water but it doesn't seem strange to them. They throw their toys at me, and the toys turn into real life whatever-they-ares. Someone threw a Little Mermaid Ariel doll in, and it came to life as a real mermaid. There were trucks and Spongebobs and all kinds of crazy shit coming to life, and it all talked too. Then the kids started jumping in like it was a party! I'm scrambling around trying to get away from them, when I realize that being in the water has made me more human than werewolf. Once I'm out of the water for more than 5 minutes though, I start tasting for blood. So I jump back in. In and out and in and out, I decide that if I have to spend the rest of my life in the water so that I don't eat some kids or animals, that's fine with me. The cute boy and his brother are still parked across the street, staring at me the whole time.