21 November 2008

After Three Long Months, I Have Returned!


Wow. Ok. I don't even know where to start! So much has happened in the last three months, I have been so incredibly busy, it just seems like one big cluster-fuck of a story. I suppose I'll break it down by months...?

(Well, the end of August I suppose.) Poke had moved in in early July. Everything was going swimmingly, but there continued to be many problems at the apartment complex. I decided it was time for us to get our own place, as opposed to a place I had that he moved into. Not only that, but the little apartment was just a bit too small for us and the area had been going downhill fast. On August 1st someone got shot just around the corner from my place. It was a tenant shooting a burglar, however, someone still got shot. I wasn't going to deal with this shit anymore. So we found a new place in Dublin and I wrote a letter to the complex stating that it was unfit living and far too dangerous and I was peacing out. They charged me $885, which as of today, I have rec'd two letters stating they still want. (The check was cashed on October 20th.) I stopped working weekends at Steak'n'Shake for two reasons: 1) OSU football was about to start and 2) I wanted to change my schedule before I moved. I would miss my friends at Groucho's, but I had to get away from that part of town.

We moved on the 13th, the same day as this HUGE windstorm. It was hurricane-level! Only no rain, cuz, you know, this is Ohio. There were some cows flying through the air, but at least there were no floods. I had quit Steak'n'Shake because I simply couldn't stand the place anymore. I wasn't making any tips, customers were getting worse, and the girls I worked with infuriated me. My manager had put me up for promotion and I was doing all this training, but when he told the other servers that yes, I was indeed part of the management team and yes, I was indeed in charge, they couldn't handle it. So, to save myself stress and time, I just quit. Besides, it was too far from home. My manager tried to get me to stay, even offered to transfer me to the store closer to my new house, but I declined. No thanks, I'm done with Steak'n'Shake.
Shortly after we moved, I found out that Poke had been cheating on me since February. It was very difficult to deal with this information, especially since I found out completely on accident and while he was at work. We're still working through things, and hopefully someday it will all be fine again. He says it ended in May, from the evidence I found it seems more like July, but I suppose that's irrelevant. Things have obviously changed in our relationship now, and instead of me being somewhat mousey and submissive, I've become more in charge and I refuse to let him run my emotions, so to speak. In a way, I guess it could be a good thing. I knew he was sorry for what he did when he became physically ill over it. Right.

October was fairly uneventful. We spent a lot of time watching OSU football and hanging out with my friends MW, AH, and some new friend J&CF. There were lots of drunken nights around the bonfire at J&CF's house! It was all very fun. For Hallowe'en Poke and I went as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. We got a hotel near Groucho's so we could be back with all our (my?) friends. It was all very fun. I guess you could say that October was one of the most fun months I've had all year!

So far, so good. Poke and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary (and if we make it to Valentine's Day we'll have one whole year with no break ups!) and he got me a beautiful amethyst necklace. I set up the camera in the bedroom. More on that later. MW/AH and J&CF all got into a very complicated fight, and so now I'm not really part of J&CF's crowd anymore. It makes me kinda sad, but I'm MW's friend first and I'm not going to choose anyone over her. I hate drama and I wish I didn't have to be involved, but whatever. MW/AH and I have been going to Groucho's every Friday lately, and it's pretty cool. I was away for about a month and a half, and I was starting to miss everyone a lot. There are no really good bars near our new place. Everyone around here is kinda yuppy/preppy. At least they're not shooting each other, I guess, although as I am typing this the local police K9 unit is searching through my across the way neighbor's apartment... yeah... Yuppies do drugs not sell them, so I suppose that's not too bad...

All in all, a very wonderful three months. Yeah, the Poke cheating thing was pretty fucking bad, but we'll get through it. Every other thing that has happened has been great and I'm thankful for that. We're living comfortably and happily, and that's what's really important.