19 March 2012

My Attempt at Indoor Gardening

I planted peppers, cat grass, basil and cilantro indoors this year.  I'm hoping that my little sproutlets will poke their little heads out while they're living inside, which will help them be stronger if we have a super rainy spring & molten-lava summer like we did last year.  The cat grass is already growing, but nothing else has sprouted yet - although the envelopes did say 10-14 days.  So, we'll see.  Here are the pics!

Mix with Water and You're Good to Go!
Looks more like mulch than soil
Filling up the egg carton
My good seeds!
In the windowsill
Side by side

Now that I have it open, they are actually in the window!
After everything was in their respective planters
Cat Grass
On the side table
In the sun

Starting to sprout
Fox is checking it out
After only 6 days!

Homemade Teething Biscuits

These aren't too bad, they taste a little bland so if you want to add vanilla, I would suggest doing so!  I added cinnamon but it wasn't enough flavor.

1 cup baby cereal (I used whole wheat)
1 cup flour
1 cup juice or water (I used half apple juice, half water)

Spray your baking sheet before you start!  Then, spray your hands.  It's easier than using a spoon.
Combine ingredients; Mix will be sticky. Roll into balls and flatten into cookie-type shapes.  Bake at 425 for one hour or until the outside is "hard".  

These biscuits are kinda weird in that they are tough on the outside but almost hollow on the inside.  This means that Little Miss or Mister can chomp away and they won't break apart or mush up (until after a really long while) and it prevents Baby from choking.

Ready to Bake
About halfway done
Finished Product
They'll stay fresh for seven days - after that, toss 'em to the birds!
Note the semi-hollow inside
What is this?!
Yeah, OK, it's pretty good.