14 July 2007


And now, I have a reason to seriously work on getting divorced.

Someone wants to marry me someday...!


11 July 2007

I'm A Little Bit Angry

Lost in 2007:

1 boyfriend
1 license
1 boyfriend (the same one, see below)
1 job
5 lbs
1 home

Gained in 2007:

1 boyfriend
1 boyfriend (we broke up twice this year in case you weren't paying attention earlier)
5 lbs
1 roommate & his cat

If you are on MySpace then you already know my story of how my fucking landlord broke up with his girlfriend, she is kicking him out, and he, therefore, is kicking me out. I'm really expecting people to start dropping dead of nothingness because there is NOTHING ELSE I COULD LOSE! I'll swear I'll kill myself if Poke dumps me when he gets back from vacation. Dealing with that would just be way too much to expect from me.

10 July 2007

Damnit All to Hell

So, it used to be that white people were racist. Then black people became racist once they were freed. And then white people got racist amongst their own kind, ie, Dirty Micks and Stupid Polaks and so forth. NOW the fucking Mexicans are getting in on it. I've just about had it with everyone being so fucking politcally correct!! You came from Mexico? You're a goddamn wetback. You're Italian? Fucking Dago! My god! I'm german, polish, female, and fat. Do you think that I don't hear my share of shit? Do you think that I don't get looks because I'm fat? It's okay to be a fat black woman, then you're all snap snap and shit. But a fat white girl seems to always be looked at as white trash even when it's not true. I'm not a lower life form just because I weigh twice as much as you. Fuck! I swear to god, if I have to hear one more thing about politcal correctness, I might just shoot myself in the foot. No, not the foot... YOUR FOOT! You stupid moronic fucking media people who egg everyone on and create all this bullshit bullshit! Grrr!

Now, I must take a shower. I miss Poke so much. He'll be home in like four days though... I can't stand not having anyone intelligent to talk to about Walker and Lifetime movies and the irony of things... *sniff*

PS - I'm having an in-house sale this weekend so come and buy my shit so I can pay my bills.

04 July 2007

The Baconator

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So things have been going just fine since I last posted. I was hit with an incredible bout of depression, but I worked through it and now I only cry sometimes instead of all the time. Poke and I are doing better than ever, which rules, and we're going on a month of being together. I'm kinda sad thought cuz Friday he leaves on a cruise with JW for a week. That's just gonna suck. But on the brightside, I start my job at HNBC Monday! At least I'll have something to distract myself instead of sitting at home all day wondering how much fun Poke's having!

Last night we went over to JW's house for some beers and fireworks, which turned out quite nicely. I don't know where they got them from, but the fireworks they had were pretty cool. They went up pretty high and were all colorful and crackly the way fireworks should be. I got to meet JW's girlfriend, she was pretty nice, and of course some of the old friends were there. I was worried that they might give Poke some shit, but on the way over he and I talked about it and I found out that it's not really just me that they're against, it's any girl. That's so sad! They should be happy if their friend is happy! God knows that my friends have seen all the shit I've been through, but they know I'm happy with Poke so they're happy for me. Oh well, you can't please everyone. We had a great time there last night, and on the way home we were singing crazy songs in the car, then stopped at Wendy's for some food. Poke decided on "The Baconator" (see picture above) and I think that we both gained about 5 lbs from eating it and also helped those heart attacks come a little sooner... cripes. It's a huge fucking sandwich with like 3 patties, 4 pieces of bacon, mayo, ketchup, and cheese. Talk about a buster!

Anyway, I'm supposed to go to my parents' house today for food and stuff, but they haven't called me to tell me when it's all going down. So, til then, I will be watching shitty TV like every other day I've been off... Ce'st la vie!