22 June 2007

Wig in a Box

If only I had the wig part... *sniff* I still feel the same way as he does, like when I go to karaoke I can be someone completely different and just rock the fuck out. Hell yah. I should get a crazy Dolly Parton wig.

21 June 2007

Few Things

I'm a super happy girl right now. Despite feeling like a big worthless piece of crap, job-wise, my personal life is swell. Yay.

Here, do this. My life depends on it.

What color should I dye my hair?

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13 June 2007

Sweet Slideshow

You can like, make music and stuff on it. Play with the buttons at the bottom! Neato!

Emu on the Hunt

Well the DQ thing didn't work out because I can't manage teenagers. Teenage girls specifically. I'm a good leader and a strong person, but I just didn't have the will or the heart to try and stick it out with those walking mouths. So, I quit. I talked to my boss for a good half hour and she tried to convince me that everything would work out, but seeing as how I'd only been there three days and I was already dreading going to work, I knew that it was over.

Yesterday I had an interview with a very fancy finance corporation downtown. I'm hoping they hire me because I think it would be a cool place to work. I'm going to be fucked if I don't find something soon because I only have one more check coming from Midwest and BI still owes me over $600 (as of this coming Sunday) and I don't know if he's going to pay it or not. If he doesn't, I have to evict him, which will suck.

Other than having no job, life has been fairly drama-free. I don't think I mentioned it before, but EB and I aren't friends anymore because I found out she was hanging out with Poke. I called her out on being a fake and a liar, and she proceeded to email this letter to everyone she knows, and added her own little snippets to each one. So now I have a bunch of people mad at me, thinking I was talking shit, when really the email was about Emily for Emily and really had nothing to do with anyone else. It's so pathetic when people do childish things like that. They really have way too much time on their hands!! I guess it's ironic though, how I got all in a tizzy about them hanging out and it ended up with he and I getting back together... so thanks, bitch, for being a "friend"!!

I just found out that there is a rumour going around that I got laid off because I was late to work one too many times. Well let me tell you, OH, that I did not get laid off due to being late. I'm not going to justify your lies with an explanation, but I will say that the reason I got laid off had absolutely nothing to do with who was the better processor or anything like that. So go suck a dick, you white trash cunt. The only good thing about getting laid off is that I don't have to see or hear your dirty mouth anymore. I know you complained about this blog to the boss, I could hear your loud mouth through the walls, and I'll bet he was laughing inside because he probably agrees with me. I can't speak for him though, it's merely an observation. You and your fucking baby daddy drama have no place in an office - you need to get yourself a job at the Wal*Mart and let the white collar people be free of your disgusting white trash presence.

But I digress... I really couldn't give a flying fuck about any of that crap, I'm happy for now. Here are some awesome pics!!


Poke, fucked up, making a really silly face.


Poke sings... I don't remember what.

Poke is afraid of the camera? Or confused about something?

Awwwwww. It's almost sickening.

We are so damn cool.

What's up there?!

We like to kiss, it's good for our health!

He thought I was taking a picture of someone in front of us...

07 June 2007

Some Random Pics

These are my new shoes!

Here's a really cool pic of my new shoes!


Fox in a box.
Blue Kelly.

Black and White Kelly.

Up CLOSE Kelly.

Sepia Kelly. Looks antique.

DQ Emu

Alright, so here's what has happened since the last post:
  • Back together with you-know-who. (I'm a glutton for punishment.)
  • Went on a few dates and they were mediocre.
  • Got pounced on by two St. Bernards and three Golden Retrievers.
  • Ate lots of food.
  • Got a new job as shift manager at Dairy Queen!
  • Spent my first night in West Jefferson (it was scary!)
That's about it. I haven't felt like posting because I've been very fucked up in my head, wondering wtf is going on, being angry because I got laid off, angry because BI still owes me almost $500, angry and sad because of everything that's happening. I'm not even so sure that I'm going to be all ecstatic about getting back together with Poke because it never works out. So I'll just chill and keep my mouth shut and hopefully it will.