22 November 2007


Family is ok. Thanksgiving is good. School rules. Poke is awesome. Blah blah blah no news is good news, right?

PS - Poke actually tried to tell his sister about us being together and she wouldn't listen to him. Like mother like daughter I suppose... At least he put forth the effort, that makes me happy.

10 November 2007

I wish I had money so I could have friends

I am having so many mental problems right now. So many. I'm upset over practically everything, and I don't like feeling that way. I'm upset because the stupid financial plan I had for school has to change and I have to work five days a week just to pay my bills because the student loans aren't enough. I'm upset because I have all these supposed friends who never call me, never invite me out, etc. I'm upset because my boyfriend is still friendly with girls he used to fuck. I'm upset because my mom isn't being very supportive or understanding about my current situation. I'm upset because I can't even afford to go out and have a good time, if anyone would happen to call me and invite me to do so. I'm upset because my boyfriend goes out and has fun without me while I'm at home miserable and doesn't really seem to care. I'm upset because my boyfriend won't tell his mom that we're dating.

I wish that for once in my fucking life things would go right. I wish I could just not care about who Poke talks to. I wish I could not care about his mother. I wish someone would call me and be like "hey, wanna come over?" I wish I could talk to my mom without being lectured about every fucking thing I've ever done wrong.

I feel so alone right now. I'm so sad.

08 November 2007

Fuck the Government!

Yeah, ok. I'm pissed. Everything was going along swimmingly, I've been a little short on cash, but that's ok, cuz my student signature loan is going to be here on Tuesday, right?

Oh no, WRONG. So wrong.

No, apparently they want to make sure I'm going to be a student for 30 days before they'll disburse my check to the school who then disburses it to me. So as of today, I'm facing eviction and my electric will be shut off on the 15th.

Anyone feel like lending me $1200.00? I'll pay you back at the middle December...

07 November 2007


1 Big Mac - $3.09
1 pack of Index Cards - $0.79
1 12 pack of Beast Ice - $5.49
(tax) - $0.42

Having a swell boyfriend who buys all these random things for me - Priceless.

05 November 2007

I don't have a clever title for this post.

The first week of school was great. We're already on Chapter 7 in Kitchen Lab (Basic Kitchen skills) and I learned how to do some cuts like julienne and bernoise and other fancy French words. Culinary Math is ok, I'm doing better than I thought I would but my homework last night was kinda difficult... I'll probably get it eventually. ServSafe is my other class, I have 3 classes a day, and it's pretty good too. Gross, but oh well. I'll be certified in December after I pass the test. I made a couple of friends, AT and EM, a girl and a boy, they are pretty nice. Everyone at school is great really. I'm happy that I'm not the oldest person in my classes! That's what I was really worried about. All in all, I'm a super happy girl.