28 July 2009

Been So Long

Hey peeps, what's up.

Whole lot of nothing going on over here, mostly because I started my new job as a gourmet chef at a local grocery store. Hell yeah.

RR is kinda fading away from the picture... sad, but I had a feeling it might come to this. He told me over and over that he's not interested in a serious relationship, even though he didn't act like it, and I think he's feeling like he needs to pull away. So be it.

Unfortunately, Poke is back in the picture. We're not getting back together, just hanging out and being friends. I've had several people tell me to try it again, and twenty times that many (including my own brain) tell me to run fast and far away. Who knows what will happen.

My graduation is on Sunday and I'm kinda excited. I already have my degree, but it will be kinda cool to go through the ceremony and have it be "official".

Other than that... nothing to report!

23 July 2009

Angry and Frustrated

So, I don't know what's going on with my "men" these days. I have my RR, who referred me as his "fuck buddy" (fine) and then also, please don't hit me, Poke's back in the picture. Ugh.

Well what I'm angry and frustrated about is the fact that Poke is going on vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. It's just not fair. Now was supposed to be our time together making a wonderful life and having tons of cash and living high on the hog and so forth. Instead he left my ass high and dry and I had to struggle the last few months to pay the bills he left me... I even had to find a new job. Goddamn it, NOT FAIR! It's not fucking fair that he is living well and has no money worries while I bust my ass all over the place just to make ends meet. Why does this always happen to me? Why am I constantly fucked?!


I don't even know if I can write any more cuz I'm so irritated. Even if I hadn't started talking to Poke again I would still know that he's living well with lots of cash and few bills and that has irked me since the moment he walked out the door. FUCK! I'm so angry.

Now, a repeat of a previously viewed video:

14 July 2009



(650): Not only did she give the most amazing oral, but she made me the best sandwich. God's cruel irony that allows fat chicks to be so great at these two things.

(908): I'm pretty sure angry flying monkeys live in her vag - and they're Republican, too.

(412): before you come to my house stop somewhere and get me a ladder, rope, Bandaids, ice cream, peanut butter, jello, icepops and handcuffs. if not, don't even bother coming

(805): He quoted an N'sync song to confess his attraction to me. Needless to say, I had sex with him.

(403): Received from a friend at a strip bar: "How the fuck is it that a Cambodian chick in a redneck town is dancing to Latino music working in a titty bar owned by a Chinese cowboy?"

(914): so now that im really awake i see that my underwear are completely ripped down the side, my shorts are on backwards, i have to go get plan b....i call last night an epic fail or success depending on how catholic i am feeling

and the finale... wonder who posted this...

We need yo make a Helen Keller horror movie.