15 August 2012

Diaper Cake & Cupcakes

First, here is a picture of some hot glue that dried in the shape of Squidward:

Now here is how to make diaper cupcakes:
  • Unfold and refold diapers lengthwise.
  • Roll up like a doobie (half of the diapers - save the other half)
  • Other half - roll up straight edge to edge.
  • Wrap a rubber band around.
  • Stick the doobie inside the straight roll.
  • Decorate with anything that will not affect the integrity of the diaper (no staples/pins/markers/etc).

For a cake, wrap them all up straight except for one, which will be the top layer.  Put a bottle of wine or water or something the mommy and daddy like to drink in the middle of a platter. Place diaper wraps all around, making three layers. Secure each layer with a big rubber band. Wrap ribbon around, or cover each entire layer with a receiving blanket - the possibilities are endless!

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