15 August 2012

Drunken Marshmallows & Muddled Blueberry Lemonade

I took some homemade marshmallows and soaked them in cheap vodka for a week. The result was an AWESOME piss-colored drink. YEAH! We mixed it with seltzer. The reason it's neon yellow is because the marshmallows were passion fruit flavored and it happened to be yellow.  I'm sure with plain marshmallows and vodka, it would probably turn out clear or slightly white.  I did have to strain through two coffee filters in a colander because those marshmallows really broke down.

Then Poke bought some "Wolfberry" rum, so we smashed up some blueberries, added seltzer and lemonade, and voila! Wolfberry lemonade. Delicious! And so fancy for your next outdoor party... or indoor playing Wii party.

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