30 June 2006

Pancake Chips

I was a chef-in-training, waiting on my final test. I worked at RGIS. I was preparing a huge fourth-of-July brunch for all these people that worked with me. I made, homemade, corned beef and cabbage (not sauerkraut, *cabbage*), appetizers (tiny open-faced roast beef sandwiches with horseradish dill sauce, mini tacos, and fun-shapes vegetable tray), and a breakfast selection. The breakfast selection was the best, I made pancake chips (they were blueberry pancakes made correctly, and then baked in the oven) and watermelon stars and fresh bacon that was perfect. I was a goddess. I even made orange juice from hand with a squeezer. The only thing was, every time I made something, I had to count every single piece and audit it for inventory. So if I used the milk, I would have to count how much milk was there before I used it, and then after, and count all the other milks in the fridge. Oh yeah. It was fucked up.

The other night I was in Macedonia, driving by my old place, when I saw this girl Jennifer that used to live down the street from me. I said hi but she didn't recognize me, and when I told her who I was, she said that she had heard I had died. I laughed, and told her no. Of course not. She was wearing a pale-green Jack Daniel's polo just like the one I have. But it was smaller. She let me use her bathroom, and then told me I had better leave because she heard they were coming looking for me because I was supposed to be dead. I got the feeling that she was some sort of zombie all of a sudden, and ran out. The whole neighborhood was infested with zombies.

When I was laying in bed the other night, I got the notion that everytime I took a breath it turned into furniture. I was laying next to SL and several pieces, such as an armoire, a sofa table, and what looked like an antique roll-top desk. But it could have just been faux vintage.

I really should go back to doing drugs.

27 June 2006

I'm A Failure.

In so many ways.

So many.

Well anyway, the reason is that I can't pay my bills. Please, no hoorahs or I told you so's, don't need it. It's not my fault, really. The guys aren't closing loans, and I only make $12 an hour. It's not my fault, but I sill feel like a failure. Instead of doing cocaine and drinking, I could have put all that money into savings and when slow times came around at work I wouldn't have to worry about anything. But I'm too fucking stupid to think about that at the time, so now I'm poor.

Also, I have recently had the opportunity to contact all of my exboyfriends. I feel as though I failed all of them, or possibly, that I failed because of them. Maybe I shouldn't have been such a cunt when I was a teenager and broken these hearts and stuff. I could have not let myself "fall in love" so quickly and promise the world to them. Now, they're married, and happy. I'm miserable. Which is where the next part comes in, maybe it's good that I left all of them because each one was better than the last, for the most part, and if things went the way they did I might have ruined more than one life. Now I'm just ruining SL's life by bringing him down to my shit-ass level.

Needless to say, I'm feeling lots of regret about my past today and I'm not really sure how to deal with it.

21 June 2006


It hurts when you realize that you have been lied to, especially about something small. It hurts to be lied to at all.

It hurts to be held responsible for someone else's actions (or reactions) and then get punished for their doing, or not doing, whatever the case may be.

It hurts to think that the whole thing has been a "fantasy" if you will. The whole damn thing.

No, this doesn't have anything to do with SL. He's fine. We're fine. It's just me.

15 June 2006

$110, $130, $800

Well, I didn't win the grill on Tuesday, but that's okay, because they ended up not doing a contest anyway. They did it as a raffle instead, and Dooger won, so that's good. At least it wasn't someone shitty that I don't like!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saturday was alright, SL and I hung around all day, grilled some delicious steaks for dinner, and went to JI's at night. It was alright there, no one showed up except SL and me, but at least I got to sit by a bonfire and drink a couple beers. Before we went over there, while we were making/eating dinner, we watched "Goodfellas" which is a very good movie. I kept expecting to see Steve Buscemi, but no.

Sunday SL had to work at 15:00, so we did some stuff, I cleaned around the house a little bit, and typed up a whole ass load of recipes for the Crock Pot again. We went to karaoke, which was cool, and had a pretty good time. The regular ol' crowd was there, TomCat, Moose, Dooger, etc.

Monday I got a note on my door saying that if I didn't clean up my patio, I would get evicted. It claimed I was in violation of some state/city code, blah blah blah. I was furious. My patio is nice, if a bit weedy, but definitely not trashed. So Monday night I ripped out a whole bunch of weeds and picked up what trash was out there. It was hard ass work, I tell you what. Tomorrow SL and I are going to finish it. SL cleaned up the house while I did the patio. It was alright.

Tuesday I talked to the leasing office and they said that everyone in the complex got that note, and the reason is that they are having investors come through to look at the property. That made sense, but I think they could have gotten the point across in a less harsh way, but whatever. We went to karaoke at Brewstirs, where I did not win the grill, but I did get a T-shirt from Miller Lite (SL got one too) and I won five games of NTN Trivia in a row. Hellz Yah. I was doing really great until the end of the night when I stopped paying attention to the game and just gave up. It was great fun.

Last night Dooger and D*Martin came over for dinner, which was hot dogs, burgers, fries, and pasta salad. All home-made, except the salad was from a box. Well, and obviously I didn't make my own hot dogs or cut my own fries. I guess only the burgers were home-made then... dang. But they were delicious. I figured that dinner would feed everyone, since I worry about D*Martin not eating enough (haha) and since Dooger always buys us pitchers and stuff, it would kinda pay him back some. We watched a movie called "King of New York" that Dooger brought over, and it was pretty good. It had Christopher Walken, so that was cool. This movie did have Steve Buscemi, yay.

Today I got paid, and tomorrow SL gets paid (maybe today, if his direct deposit hasn't started yet.) I wouldn't have been short on bills if the dang cats didn't have to get their shots, but that's cool. I got everything paid, I only borrowed $100.00, and I'm not behind, yippy yippy. I also paid my stupid $130.00 speeding ticket. Poo. The only thing I have to worry about saving for now is my damn tax return. I think I owe like $800.00. Fuck the stupid government.

13 June 2006

T-Shirts and a Grill

Come to Brewstir's on Weber and High tonight after 10pm. There's a contest and I want to win, so I need everyone's votes. Go me!

10 June 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everywhere you go!
Take a look in the Five-and-Ten,
Glistening once again,
With Candy Canes and Silver Lanes A-glow!

I don't even know if those are the real words or not. I'm going strictly on memory here, and seeing as it's 07:59, I'm sleepy recovering from a 6-beer-1.5-shot-somehow-got-drunk-end-taco-bell night, I don't really give a fuck either. Yeah.

Anyway, it's less than 200 days til Christmas.

So, this week. Well, it was alright. Wednesday was boring. SL and I watched a movie, "One Hour Photo" and it was very good. I had seen it a couple times before, and I really liked it. Robin Williams in a serious role is something amazing. Let's see... What else... that was pretty much it for Wednesday. Oh, we had pizza for dinner.

Thursday SL got paid and so we went to Fiesta Jalisco for dinner. I was starting to feel withdrawal symptoms, so I knew we'd have to go soon. The veggie chimichanga and cholesterol-free beans were just what I needed to get my fix. Then, we went home and had a beer while sitting on the beautiful patio, er, jungle, er... patio. Yeah. D*Martin was maybe going to stop by before karaoke, but he didn't. We went to Gordy's and saw him there! They had karaoke on the main level, which was nice. A few folks we know were there, and it was alright. I drank O'Doul's all night because it was my turn to drive. Plus, I'm fucking tired of drinking anymore. We went home around twelve thirty and went to bed. It's the first sign of getting old. Oh! I also got a speeding ticket on Thursday afternoon. It was on Maple Canyon/Community Park, and I should have known better but oh well. Number one, I always speed there (it's a 25 and such a long stretch of nothingness) and I'm surprised I haven't been caught the few times the popos have been out. Two, I should have gone down Cleveland like I wanted to, but the back way out of the bank was crowded so I went down Maple Canyon instead. Three, the fact that there were 2 motorcycle and 3 regular cop cars there made me think that it was an accident, especially since someone busted up the guardrail a couple of weeks ago. Why should I bother to slow way down (I was paced with the car in front of me, who, incidentally, did not get pulled over)? I thought I was going at least 30 mph, but Officer Rall said I was going 38 in a 25. Hard for me to believe I would speed that blatantly in front of a pack of cops, even if I think they're doing something else, cuz you never know, but damn. Oh well, I've gone eight years without a speeding ticket or anything else (besides the Little Turtle garage incident, not my fault, and a few accidents I didn't cause) so I guess I should be greatful. I could have gotten pulled over for a DUI or something. I suppose I was biding my time as it was. Now I have one mark on my adult driving record. Let's leave it at that. I've been feeling really scared with the drinking then driving thing, because I realise that although I may feel cool to drive, I probably wouldn't pass a breathalizer, or even stupid human tricks because I can't even do those when I'm sober. You think my fat top-heavy ass can walk a straight line one foot in front of the other? Dude, I can barely see the line over these hooters.

Yesterday SL finally had the day off after working for two weeks (that's calendar weeks, not business weeks) straight. He had days off from CVS in there, but went and worked with The Sir on those days to make some extra cash. Good, good. He got a couple of things done, like going to get cigarettes, but the dishes from Monday and Tuesday are still sitting in the sink. I'm not really sure what he was doing all day. Maybe he ran the dishwasher. I think he did.
When I got off of work we went to the bank and opened some savings accounts. Mine is limited, meaning I cannot do anything to it other than deposit. If I want to withdraw, I can only do so once a month, and I have to go into the bank and talk to my dude to do it. SL's is not limited, but he still can only withdraw once a month (that's the way the savings accounts are) but he can withdraw any other time and have a fee assessed; also, he can't access the account through his card. I'll be putting away $20 per month to start off with, and SL is putting away $10 per week. We'll have enough money for vacation, divorce, car fixing, and bill paying in no time! I mean, it's basically $240 a year for me and $520 a year for him. That's pretty good. Also, I'm not going to use my credit card anymore, I'm just going to pay it down to zero. That way, once it's paid down, I can just use it for emergencies or splurges or even for the divorce. I figure if I put $20 a month in the savings and $75 a month in the credit card, it will only be about eleven months until I have $1,000 to get a divorce. Too bad I need to get my car fixed too, which is $500, and I have to do that before November... but at $95 a month I'll have that done in five months. So basically we can start expecting a divorce in about a year and a half. Who knows, when we start making more money, we can put more away, and then it could be sooner! In a year and a half I will have been married for almost six years.

Wow, I talked about the bank for a long time.

Anyway, after the bank we had to go to CheckSmart, which sucks. But we needed groceries so badly. Eating out was beginning to get sickening and way expensive. We had Johnny Oak's for dinner; the pulled pork is not nearly as good as the Cajun burger. After that we had some sex and it was good. Haven't said that in awhile. Not that I haven't had sex, haha, I just haven't mentioned it! After the lovin' we went to the brand spanking new Save-a-Lot on Morse Road. Hells Yah. I know it sounds ghetto, but I love Save-a-Lot. It's so cheap. We spent $85 on what would have normally cost over $100 at Kroger. I still love Kroger, but right now we're on a Save-a-Lot budget. Fo'sho. After the grocery excursion we went to Gordy's on a non-karaoke night to see TD for her going away party. We had to pay a $6 cover charge ($3 each) and that was bullshit, but whatever, we stayed until 01:00 and I had four free beers and one point five free shots (I shared one with WR.) I ran into these two kids I used to work with at Dairy Queen back in the day, and that was crazy as hell. I couldn't believe it. They look pretty much the same except the guy had gotten really really thin, compared to what he was in high school. Oh man. The party was pretty fun, I got to see RB, DS, DJ, and a couple of other folks. All in all, a great time. I'm going to miss TD, but at least SL and I have someone to stop and see on the way to West Palm Beach! After Gordy's, we went to WR's because pretty much everyone had headed downtown and I fucking hate downtown (no parking and too many skanks.) Chilled there for about an hour, then headed home because I was tired. Stopped at Taco Bell, and I was seriously about to pee myself I had to pee so bad. I swear to god I have never had to pee so bad in my entire life! The only reason I mention this is because I only had about six beers and those little shots over the course of five and a half hours! Why did I have to pee?! It was terrible. I was shaking and spasming and so on, waiting for the goddamn Taco Bell drive-thru to move faster. Stupid Kia Sportage, taking it sweet slow time. Bastards. When I got home, I felt better, because I peed for like twenty-seven minutes. Ha.
Then, we ate our Taco Bell, watch some Jay Leno, and went to bed.

At fucking 07:30 Herman Sherman called me wanting to know where AK was, as if I would know. Oh well, I guess he has a right to be pissed if AK doesn't show up, because what Herman Sherman was supposed to be doing with AK is closing a loan in Springfield for these deadbeats who are fucking lucky to even be getting a loan since they think that not paying their bills is a good idea. Sheesh. And I want my fucking pay on the goddamn thing too! Oh well. I'm not hungover right now, just very tired, and I think I'm going to go back to bed. I just went down stairs to get some juice and noticed that the box of frozen fishsticks we bought yesterday was chillin' on the stove. I left it there because it's fucking ruined anyway. Oh well, it was only $1.99! Sucks, but that's alright. We'll go get another one.

06 June 2006

Duh-duh-duh-Happy Birthday!

My kittens are one today! They are EVIL! Haha.

Got an email from SS, she wants to become friends again (refer to February 2006) and I'm not sure how I really feel about that. On one hand, we were good friends. On the other hand, she had her sister and her neice make serious threats against me. How do I know that if some day in the future we get into another disagreement that the same thing won't happen again? This is quite the predicament. I know she still reads the blog and I haven't responded to her email yet, so...

05 June 2006

La la la la la!

Well I had a pretty good weekend. Fairly uneventful, as usual. Thursday SL and I went to karaoke at Gordy's, and it was good. There was a super drunk girl there, apparently she had seen us at Brewstir's on Sunbury, but I didn't remember her. She remembered us though, expecially SL. Sheesh. She was wasted. Not too many people we knew were there, AK was there, D*Martin of course, and Jstn. Some guys who show up almost every week were there too, they are alright. Funny guys. B the BDI was there with his girlfriend, K, too. I talked to them a little bit, but they were headed over to Eldo's to see his other daughter. His girlfriend asked if I talk to SS anymore, and I said no, and she said it's such a shame what happened because poor SS doesn't have any friends and she's just alienating herself from the rest of the world. I guess she doesn't talk to anyone really except for K. At least that's what she said. K said that she wishes SS would just come to her senses so maybe we could be friends again. I thought to myself "gee that would be okay" and then I remembered all the threats she made against me. It's one thing to try and be friends again after a bunch of name calling, but when someone makes serious threats against you, so serious that you have to call the police, it's a whole different story. I could never be friends with her again, especially now that I've seen this side of her. That's not the type of person I need in my life.

Friday I only worked until 14:45, which was about two hours earlier than I was planning to get off work. That was alright though, because I had plenty of time to go to the bank, go to Kroger, and make dinner. I made the best dinner ever, homemade lasagne, ceaser salad, and garlic bread. It was the shit. I'm so good too that I even had it ready exactly on time for SL when he got home. Oh yeah, I rule. Headed out to Kroger around eleven, because I fell asleep in the chair, and bought some groceries. Other than that, we laid around Friday night and did nothing, which was nice.

Saturday SL didn't have to work until 15:00, so we got some Johnny Oak's Cajun for lunch, which was delicious. I had the Cajun burger, a combination of ground cajun meat and cream cheese on a bun with onions and mustard, and SL had the brisket. We had 3 sides, which were greens, potato salad, and dirty rice. It was SO good. We also went to the library, so SL could pick up his reserves and I could get some books. I joined the Adult Reading Club too. There is a $100.00 prize at the end for the winner. I hope I get it! But I probably won't, because I usually don't win raffles. I win contests, cuz I rock, but I rarely win raffles or lotteries. Oh well. While SL was at work I typed up some recipes for the Crock Pot, messed around online, and watched COPS. When he got off work, we headed out to Giant Eagle for some meat and a couple other things. We got in a little fight because he always says shit to me like I'm stupid, for example, I ran the card at Giant Eagle and it wasn't like Kroger where you press one button for credit or the other for debit. It just gave you a choice, and the choice screen came and went before I could press anything. So I'm like, about to press enter, when SL goes, "Just press enter" which wouldn't have been a problem if he hadn't said it like an asshole. I told him I was tired of being talked to like a child, and instead of saying something like, "I'm sorry I was just trying to suggest" he got all defensive and asshole-ish. I told him that I guess I should just not tell him my feelings because apparently my feelings are always wrong. I'm always the bad guy. The dishes haven't been done for almost a week, and the trash hasn't been taken out in just as long. We have no plates to eat off of, no silverware to use. But that's fine with me because I'm not going to enable him anymore. He has to learn to pull his weight because I'm not going to pull for both of us anymore.
Anyway. We came home and watched a lot of SVU and some Mad TV and I got tipsy. SL only had three beers though, but whatever, I don't care. I'm sure he was trying to prove a point, because his mother thinks I'm an alcoholic, but that's fine. He's not even old enough to drink anyway. When he's 21, maybe we can talk about things.

Sunday SL had to work at 13:00, so we woke up around 10:00 and laid in bed for awhile, then got up and he made breakfast. It was good, omelettes and bacon. I prefer my omelettes with cheese inside, not mixed in with the eggs, but it was still pretty good. While SL was working, I painted some flowers, typed up more recipes, took a nap, and then took a shower/shaved/etc. I even blow dryed my hair. I made beef and broccoli for dinner in the Crock Pot and it was delicious. Everything I cook is delicious, as a matter of fact. Thought I would throw that in there. We went to karaoke around 22:00, and it was so dead. Had two pitchers, did not get drunk. Sang about four times, blah, it was just boring. Doc was there, TomCat, Moose, Lda, Sir, Dooger (some of the time) and some other folks. Wrinkles was there, and I was SO happy to see him since it's been about three or four months since I saw him last. His oldest son graduated yesterday, and he was all emotional about it. I sang "Summertime" by Janis Joplin for him because he loves it. The night was just blah really. Nothing much happened, and I guess that was okay, but I prefer it when it's wild and fun. Oh well.

SL gets off before I do today, and I wonder if he will do the dishes and take out the trash. If not, I will probably be more pissed than I already am, and I will probably scream.

03 June 2006

Quick Tally

For those of you who are interested:

  • 34 posts involving "strange dreams"
  • over 100 references to Zuey's
  • almost 100 references to Eldo's

More to come. I must go watch The Simpsons.

The Missing Posts. (Previously handwritten in a small notebook.)

April 1st, 2005


My plane is suppose to leave in 6 hours but I'm at Zuey's being very nervous. Right about now is when I start telling everyone that I need to go and sleep. The problem is, I am too nervous. Tim, Brian, Doug, Luke, and Billy (who is not Steve Skills) are all telling me I will be fine - but I am so scared of the airport. Finally, around 1:30am, I go home and fall asleep in the recliner. I am awoken around 3:45am by Tony, who is packing my suitcase. I sleep on and off until about 4:15am when I finally get up and finish helping Tony pack. We head out, hit CVS for cigs, stopped back at home because I forgot my paperwork. Finally we head out to the airport. Get there, and I actually move through the check-in fairly quickly. So quickly in fact that I am waiting patiently for my plane by 5:25am - 55 minutes to take off! 6:20am comes and goes - the announce it will be 6:35am. The crew has to get 8hrs of sleep to legally fly. By 6:55am I am finally on the plane. I expected a regular size jet plane, but I was sadly mistaken- my "American Eagle" was more like a mexican airbus. very, very small with 6 passengers, 1 pilot, and 1 stewardess. The flight wasn't bad - take off was fun really - I couldn't believe how fast we were actually going. I thought it would be a more gradual thing but it was really like zoom! And suddenly we're almost 30,000 feet in the air. I looked out the window for about 15 minutes, then I fell asleep on and off until the pilot came on and said we would be landing in 15 minutes. I drank Sprite from a can on the flight. We landed in Boston (over the ocean) at a completely separate terminal. Logan airport was kind of scary, but I made it through and into a taxi that took me to Salem. I got in around 10:45am. Luckily I got to check in early - normal check in isn't until 3pm. I got to the room, made some phone calls to Lani and my mom, and then fell asleep. So many people called me that afternoon - Tony, Lani, Mom, Luke, Shawn - nobody ever calls me on my cell phone but for some reason they al felt the need to call me that afternoon! Around 4:30pm I finally woke up and took a shower. Dinner was in the Tavern - nachos and Sam Adams White Ale. I get hit with New England sticker shock - $13.10 plus tip - $16.00. Oh my gosh. I couldn't believe it. After dinner I walked outside to smoke (the whole state has a smoking ban!) and I asked a very creepy looking woman if she knew where I could go for live music and good beer. The answer was Dodge Street Bar & Grille. Very local place. Locals with thick accents and all. Bartender is about a four on a scale of 1-10 in friendliness. Oh well. New England was never known for its charming residents. I stay until about 10:45pm, just long enough to catch the opening band. While I'm there, Wes calls me and we talk a little, some about work, some about my trip. An old guy sitting next to me kept telling me he was not trying to put a pass on me, but he bought me a few beers, and kept up a very, very boring conversation. It was cold walking back to the hotel, but not too bad. When I got in, I ordered a
pizza that ended up being very cheap with free extra cheese. Sleep came around eleven thirty.

Saturday April 2nd


I wake up, and within five minutes room service knocks on the door witha $14.00 breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, 2 sausage links, homefires, orange juice and water. Delicious. I laid around for a little while and took a shower followed by some more laying around til I finally left and headed for the Peabody-Essex Museum. It was raining pretty hard when I left the hotel, and since my winter jacket won't be here until Monday, I ran to the museum. The Peabody-Essex Museum was okay, not as exciting as I thought it would be. Not really worth $13.00 either. Oh well, museums are always overpriced. After that I went to the Salem Beer Works for lunch, which was 1/2 Steak Ceasar Wrap, 1 cup of New England Clam Chowder, and a glass of Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale - Beer made with blueberries and it had real blueberries floating around in the glass. Delicious. I went back to the hotel after lunch and napped from about 4:30pm to 7:30pm. I got up and looked through the hotel-provided directory for something fun to do. A place called Rockafellas had live music, so I went there - it was right down the street. Very nice place - I had foccacia w/pesto, a salad, and baked sea scallops with seafood stuffing and rice pilaf. The owner of the restaurant, Theresa, ate dinner with me. It was very nice. I also had two Harpoon Ales, which I believe is my new favorite over Miller Lite. It's real beer! I walked back to the hotel and had one beer in the tavern and then went to my room to relax, watch some TV, and sleep. I'm not sure when I fell asleep, but at 5:40am, who should call me but Scott. He's crying and drunk - terrible. Tells me he made a fool of himself in fron to f a bunc ho f people. I'm not surprised. He keeps going on, basically uttering nonsense, tells me he wants to drive out here. He finally falls asleep and I hang up. What an odd thing.

Sunday April 3rd


I wake up, shower, call Scott (no answer), and head to Dunkin' Donuts. I actually eat two donuts - I think I've had four donuts total in the last year. I head to CVS to buy this notebook, these shitty pens, some cigs, a razor, and 3 disposable cameras - $32.00. After that I go to the Trollet Shop to buy some souvenirs, shot glasses and postcards. Head over to Witch Tee's and get a shirt for Hailey, Yo, and myself. While I'm in there, Scott calls me. Apologizes for scaring me last night. Tells me he does miss me. Some girl he was trying to date fucked him over, etc. I tell him that he shouldn't even bother wiht other women. He agreed - told me he should stick with me because I'm the only one who is ever there for him. *sigh* I pay for my t-shirts and head back to the hotel. I drop off my stuff and pick up my camera and sweatshirt. Head out into the neighborhood and take 16 pics from The Commons to Darby Wharf. It rains a little but not too bad - its mostly windy. I eat lunch at McSwiggin's (Harpoon and Chowdah) and go back to the hotel for some rest. While trying to rest, Nate (the guy who likes to be tied up) txt msgs me. I txt msg him back to call me. He does, and I give him a dare to do. When he's done he calls me back and we end up talking for an hour while I just chill in the room. Around 7pm I order a cheesesteak and onion rings from Omega. It arrives about 8pm. The onion rings are great but the sandwhich is weird - LOTS of meat, barely any cheese, and no lettuce/tomatoe/mayo/etc. I eat all of it over about an hour - its actually really good. After that I just lay around til sleep.

Monday April 4th

10:00 am

Guest services calls to tell me they have a package for me. It's my jacket - yay! I call work after they drop it off and talk to Lani a little - of couse she has some bullshit drama to relay, I really don't care. I talk to Wes and help him figure out some stuff for work. After showering and watching some of the Pope's procession, I walk to Brother's cafeteria to eat a Greek salad and tapioca pudding with Diet Pepsi. I decided to be touristy today so I went to the Witch History Museum. I was the only person there and it was pretty cool. The girl was nice and I was allowed to take pictures of all the stuff. After that I walked to the Witch Museum where it was me and a family of four. That was pretty cool too. Their little boy was about 4 or 5 and he was scared. It was very cute. I went back to the hotel and balanced my check book and then rested. After a short nap I woke up and walked to Finz, an oh-so-hip seafood restaurant. I spent $60 including the tip, but it was worth it. I had a cosmo martini, a glass of pinot grigio, a baileys and coffee, a salad, and lobster ravioli. After dinner I walked back to the hotel to watch some TV and rest some more.

The End