30 August 2006

George W. Shakespeare

On NBC Nightly News Last night, George W. Bush said he had a very epileptic reading list, from Shakespeare to Joe Di'Maggio. Classic. He goes on to say that the key for him is to keep expectations low. OMG.

On msnbc's website they corrected it to "eclectic" but if you were watching, you heard it. Oh boy. Click on "Part 9: On Reading Camus" (right hand side, "Expanded Presidential Interview") to hear for yourself.

I hate this guy.

I had a Dream

I had a dream about real life. I woke up in the dream and I was trying to wake SL up to go to work.

I had a dream that DD from work was wearing very large sunglasses and walking down the highway, and I just drove right past him, because I couldn't tell if it was really him or not.

I had a dream that Poke and I were on a road trip and we were spending an awful lot of time looking for a sleeping bag and the right kind of potato chips that would keep on a long drive.

I had a dream that I was looking for cats. Don't know why, I just was.

29 August 2006

Here I Am!

So other than the new medication, which I am no longer taking, things have been alright. SL and I worked out (well, set up a plan to work out) the majority of our problems, so if we both follow the gameplan things should get better. I'm excited. I've been karaoke-ing a lot, and that includes drinking a lot, so I don't really remember much of the last few weeks. I do know that the new show at Trump's in Worthington is awesome. D*Martin's new show at Brewstirs in the Continent is way fun as well.
Let's see... something funny that happened was at Trump's last week: This new guy I met, he's gay, was there the two times I went there. He's friends with some of Mel's friends. Well his ex was there, this super faggy kid. They were doing this like gay standoff thing, being all coy and ridiculous, and my new friend just couldn't stand it cuz the super fag was annoying him. So we decided to slow dance, and did the thumb kiss, and it looked like we were making out. It was HILARIOUS. Super fag got all upset and went outside to call his friends, and it was just funny. So frickin' hilarious. And here we were, just chillin'. The plan worked though because the super fag stopped bothering my new friend!
What else... I've been hearing around that Poke misses me, but I don't know for sure if he misses me or just misses banging me... Probably the latter. Not too concerned though either way. I know he wouldn't like act on it or anything, so whatever.
Oh, another funny/annoying thing. Mel decided it would be a GREAT idea to call me about twelve times on Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am. I answered the phone and it was Poke, and he's like, "Uh..." and I'm like, "Did you get a new number?" cuz I didn't recognize it. Then he tells me he's calling from Mel's phone and I'm just stunned that he would be hanging out with her. So this bitch gets on the phone and tries talking to me and I just tell her to fuck herself and hang up. She calls back at least seven times... maybe it was twelve, I'm not positive. I told her that if she called anymore I'd file harrassment against her (we all know I've done it before!) and that didn't stop her from calling. I finally talked to D*Martin and he and Poke both apologized for Mel being a super bitch, and D*Martin said she had gotten pissed and walked off. I found this absolutely hilarious because she was at Poke's house and didn't know where she was. So funny to think of drunken Mel (honestly I've never seen her sober) wandering around Worthington.
More news, I've had my second installment of nose cauterization done. I only had two nose bleeds between the first and second appointments, both brought on by sneezing, so that's good. And the Dr. said that the hole has healed more than 50%, so odds are good that I won't have to have surgery! Did I ever tell you that what was wrong was there was a hole in my nose on the inside wall that was the size of a pea? Crazy. That's really huge for an area as small as the inside of one's nose! I have one more cauterization left, and then comes the decision to either get surgery or be done with it all. Dr. said usually he doesn't do more than three procedures, but if it looks good he might do one more instead of surgery.
Also, I have ringworm. I just figured this out today. I thought it was a spider bite, but I looked on WebMd after consulting with KG, and she was right. Ringworm is basically Athlete's foot of the skin (like arms, chest, hands, etc.) so I'm not too concerned. Just spray some Tinactin on it! It's just annoying.
Tomorrow or Thursday I have to go back to the doctor to get some new medication. I hope this one doesn't make me ralph like the other one did yesterday!
This afternoon the City of Columbus is coming to my apartment to inspect the mold in the bathroom that was painted over and check for mold in the dining area carpet. I'm quite excited to possibly have proof of major health code violations so I can take it to the management company and make them get me new carpet. I already wrote them a letter warning that I would put my rent into escrow if they didn't fix all the unfinished projects by Sept. 22nd, so we'll see! Tonight GG and I are going to Hot Spot. I haven't seen her or Zara in ages, so that should be super fun!


PS - If you search for "Trump's Worthington" my entry from the other day comes up 2nd. How awesome.

28 August 2006


I take meds now! Rock on! Except they make me puke. Not rock on.

22 August 2006


Time for me to go back on the meds I guess. I'm pretty much ruining everyone's life, so might as well see if I can't placate things medicinally. Whatthefuckever.

Also I'm pissed because someone stole the cord for my camera and now I have to buy a new one. Fuck that.

In addition, I tried to post some swell YouTube videos over the weekend and none of them have shown up. How gay.

20 August 2006



I'm still pissed. Anyone wanna donate?

18 August 2006

No fucking Way.

Your Penis Name Is...

Darth Vader

I must admit that I found this on Normlr's blog. Being a girl, I didn't think I would get a very good name anyways, but COME ON!!! Darth Vader!??! Fuck that.

17 August 2006

Reach back like a Pimp and Smack the Hoe.

Yep Hoe.

I mentioned before (17 July) that I don't like Mel. Well let me tell you what happened on Tuesday night. SL and I decided to go see D*Martin's new-ish show at Trump's in Worthington. It's probably my new favorite bar. The place was cute, with little NFL hanging lamps and very clean areas and a great patio. I loved it. Until I saw Mel. I was like jesushchrist my bag of coke is a bag of anthrax. Seriously. Seeing her just makes me so angry. So, like an adult, I ignored her. I walked right past her to talk to D*Martin, I stayed away from the hussy when she was all over my sexy negro OA, I even looked away when she stared straight at me. I mean come on if she can't tell I don't like her, she's fucking blind. So then, SL and I went out to the awesome patio to smoke, and as we were coming inside, Mel cornered me at our table and told SL to please give us a minute. She says, "I need to talk to you" and me, being the non-beating-around-the-bush type person that I am, responded, "I really don't like you." I knew that's what she was going to ask anyway. So she asks why, and I tell her that its because I feel she is a liar and a hypocrite because she "loves" her boyfriend but refuses to fuck him, although it's okay for her to fuck other dudes. Not that it's my business in the first place, but she made it my business by telling me all her dirty secrets when she was wasted and buying me shots. And I told her this exactly. So then she claims that she never sleeps with other dudes. I was going to call her out about D*Martin but I didn't want him to catch any flack for it. So I told her that I knew she did and I had proof but I didn't care. She started telling me how good of a friend she was, how I should get to know her because I could find that out, etc., all that kind of stuff. I told her that I was not interested in getting to know her, I did not wish to get to know her, but I was indeed glad for her friends that she is a good friend, although I have no desire to experience it (the best part is that this is how I'm talking, and she's feeling dumber by the minute.) She asks me why did I lie to her, and I told her that I didn't always dislike her, but the more I got to know her the less I liked her. She claims that I don't know her at all, but I remind her of all those times when she felt like confessing her life story to me. Then she starts going on about how she doesn't like me either, because I told ND I would suck his cock in the parking lot all those weeks ago at Brewstirs, which was so terrible of me because SL loves me. I was like, "First of all, you have no proof that I even suggested or anything about sucking ND's cock. Second, it didn't even happen. SL saw all my txt msgs to ND and if there was anything incriminating there he would have seen it. You were lied to because he was trying to fuck you and luckily I talked him out of it." THEN she tells me I'm jealous. And I ask her, "Of what?" To which she replies, "you're jealous because I have a personality and you have a shitty personality." Which makes me laugh out loud because even if I have a shitty personality, I still have one, and she does too, so I have nothing to be jealous of since we are even. So, she walks away. Shortly thereafter SL comes back and sits down, but I'm up to sing one person away. Mel is over telling D*Martin what a terrible person I am, and I can tell by his face that he just doesn't care. I go up to sing, and no sooner have I gotten to the middle of the first verse than there is Mel, walking over to SL. I can tell by his face that he's just not interested in talking to her, and she's probably telling him to try and get me to like her or something. I find out later that this is exactly what she wanted. So the night progresses, I drink one Wild Turkey just in case this bitch wants to roll, so I'll be ready. Later, way later, we're on the patio. I'm talking to her boyfriend, and I'm like, "You don't hate me, do you?" and he says no, he just ignores her drama because with her, it's always drama. I told him that was cool since I was defending him in a way, and that's why she had an issue. He was like whatever, you're cool. Then the other few of her friends came out, and they were all like, yes, you rule, you're nice, etc. I was like Rock On. Then Mel noticed me talking to her friends, with smiles abounding (I'm not sure if she expected them to like beat my ass or whatever, cuz she had threatened earlier that if she ever saw me in "her bar" on Monday again she would kick my ass.) She comes outside, and starts talking really loud to her friends about how nice they are, and stuff, and how they aren't MEAN PEOPLE LIKE SOME GIRLS WE KNOW and how she is happy blah blah NOT LIKE SOME MEAN PEOPLE WE KNOW AHEM. You know, like when someone is talking loud enough for you to hear, and then they raise their voice to make sure you hear the part they really want to emphasize... LAME. I laugh at her, behind her back (cuz our backs are to each other) and it's loud enough for her to hear, but DF and SL are laughing too so maybe she doesn't know I'm laughing at her... oh... she does... hahahaha. So then she starts yelling at her friends for talking to me, and yelling at me, and I'm still not reacting. She takes a few steps towards me, and the one guy grabs her and her boyfriend steps in front of her. This is where it gets good! So, I'm standing there, just kinda looking out the corner of my eye at this crazy bitch who is being restrained from trying to get me for not reacting to her threats/insults/etc., and then SMASH! A beer bottle hits the patio. It was her boyfriend's Miller Lite, but I'm pretty sure she grabbed it out of his hands to try and throw it at me. They leave. I think they skipped out on their tab. Her friends stay and we talk and have a wonderful rest of the evening.

This is because I'm #1 and didn't let her get the best of me! Haha!

I should have reached back like a pimp and slapped the hoe. But I'm not stupid. I would never hit someone unless they hit me first because I am not going to jail.

I'm so Lame

Duh, I totally had comment moderation on. No wonder I thought no one loved me! When, in fact, you all do! You really, really do!

Rock on.

15 August 2006

Le sentiment de l'amour vient et disparaƮt.

I got my hair cut on Friday, five inches cut off. Yippy. SL got a buzz.

Shawshank Redemption is a very good movie. So is Crash. In addition, Amelie, Happenstance, and Dirty Pretty Things are good movies too. A Very Long Engagement, and L'Auberge Espagnole are very awesome.

I have a blockbuster.com account, by the way. It's new. Can you tell I love Audrey Tautou as well? Oh yes. She's beautiful. I figure her beauty is enough to keep SL engaged in a french film with english subtitles even though he probably hates it.

So, I had a dream that I was tooling around town with my ex-boss. It was strange. We were buying things, like a weird large clock that kinda looked like a bird house on a tree... kinda. I was wearing a white outfit and a big hat. I worked in an old-fashioned type bank office, the dark and stuffy kind. Very strange.

SL and I went to the fair on Saturday and that was fun. We got there around eleven thirty in the morning, and luckily all the rides were open and had short lines. We went on this crappy "haunted house" which was really a short ride through a hot building with loud noises that were not scary. Then we went on Flying Bobs (yay!) which was scarier than I remember it being, after that the giant ferris wheel, then the avalanche (?) roller coaster, then this drop thing. Oh my god, the drop thing. The roller coaster was fun, but the drop thing was SCARY. You had to jump up into this sort of bicycle seat, and then they lock you in. Slowly you ride to the top of this stick, and then BAM! it drops to the ground. Sucks too because you're like way up there and there is the click noise, then it's silent. Then you drop. Yipe. After that we went on the Crazy Mouse, which ruled. This little girl and her grandpa sat next to us, and this rollercoaster had a thing that took your picture, and our faces were so funny. The grandpa's mouth was like twisted to the side, the girl was holding her breath, SL was trying to look cool, and my mouth was open like three feet wide with my hair flying straight up. That was awesome. I wanted to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl but it was closed, and the Scrambler but SL didn't want to. He wanted to go on the spin thing and the Gravitron, but I told him no way. I didn't want to puke! We walked around a little bit then, looked at some stuff, got some free shirts, got some free crap from the Army and some other places too. They had all the vendors and stuff in these three pavilions, and it was SO crowded. I was irritated. Then we went and got a corn dog. Mmmm. We were going to eat some fair food, but then I saw a sign for "All you can eat smorgasboard! Upstairs!" So we went upstairs of the Ag/Hort building and there it was, $8.75 per person buffet of delicious fair-type country food. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, black eye peas, pizza, cake, oh yeah. It was great. And we got stuffed too! For the same price as only a little bit of fair food would have cost. Right on. We walked around the Ag/Hort building then, and I got to pet a gigantic white rabbit that was like two feet long. It was soft, but creepy. Then we looked at some chicks and they were so cute. That would be chickens not girls. There were no cute girls at the fair, only hillbillies. We got our picture taken for free in front of some bushes, haha, and that was alright. The photo turned out pretty cool considering it was free and printed on stock card. Also we looked at some paintings/mixed media art projects of all the counties in Ohio, and voted for two of them. I chose Harrison and Auglaize. I don't remember what SL chose. Then we looked at the flowers and gourds and stuff that won prizes, like the huge pumpkin. We looked at some bees, and then SL won a pedometer by getting a bean bag in the hole playing CornHole. After that we walked around some more, went into the Coliseum and watched some horses walk around, went outside, decided we were lost... at some point we watched a parade go by... Then we were going to go on the sky ride but it was extra not included in the all day unlimited ride wristband so we didn't. I saw BR working at the Kool-Aid/Country Time/Crystal Light booth ($7 for a cup and free refills all day!) and I haven't seen him in awhile. We watched a helicopter that was supposedly the BatCopter take off ($30 per ride!) and did not go see the freak show. Then we were going to ride some more rides, but by this time it was so packed that all we got on was the Musik something or other. Kinda like Flying Bobs except it doesn't swing and it goes backwards. Fun! We were going to get a funnell cake, but I changed my mind, so we were going to leave. We hopped on this shuttle thing and thought we were going to the parking lot but it turned out that we were going to the other side of the fair! I was excited then because I thought I would get to see the cows and sheep, but alas, we still weren't in that area. We did get our blood sugar tested though, and mine is 127. SL's was 113. I think it was rigged though because I just ate some free Turkey Hill Ice Cream right before I took the test! Turkey Hill is the one with muscley cows on the commercial, who/which are gross, but the ice cream is good. We got some free samples of Glucerna crap, yuck, and then we really did leave. It took about 20 minutes to just get out of the parking lot, which sucked majorly.

After the fair we were slightly sunburnt, but we had applied sunblock #30, so we weren't too bad. Except the top of SL's head, which was tomato-ish. We went home and dropped off all our goodies from the fair, and I changed, and we headed over to WR's house for a party. When we got there, it was already rockin', I suppose. There were like five chicks in the hot tub, and I knew all but one of them, who happened to be TB's girlfriend (who isn't really is girlfriend he says, but whatever.) They were wasted from drinking this miracle tonic, "Skippy Doo" which is a combination of beer, vodka, and pink lemonade. I did not try any and I never will because YUCK. So anyway, we drank, talked a lot, and then at the end of the night I ended up in the hot tub in my underwear hahaha but it was okay because my underwear was less revealing than their bikinis, and also they were all way more wasted than I was. Definitely. I was crunk though.

Needless to say, Sunday I slept way in and pretty much did nothing all day long. SL had to work 11-7 so that was alright. I did go to Kroger though, and I bought $112 worth of groceries. It was wonderful because they had all their meat on sale and I got some pork tenderloin, some chicken, some steaks, some other kinds of beef, all expensive shit for buy one get one free! It was awesome. So totally awesome. After work SL had to go practice softball for the CVS company party game, which I had forgotten, which upset me because I had a very nice dinner planned that ended up with me eating ramen instead. I took SL to the baseball field where he didn't hit very many balls... but that's okay cuz he hasn't played in years I suppose. Then they all wanted to go drink so I dropped SL at the bar and went to my parents' house. I didn't feel like hanging out because 1) we couldn't afford two people drinking those expensive beers and 2) I was irritated from the whole ordeal. SL was out drinking for three hours.

Last night we went to karaoke at Triple 16, which used to be the Cabana Club, where we went two weeks ago and it was shot city. It was shot small town last night, Cat only bought us three but that was more than enough because I never expect her to buy us anything. It's cool when she does though, that's for sure! It started out kinda crowded, which was swell, but ended up being me, SL, Cat, the bartender and her dad (who owns it), Rochelle and this lady Tracy that I met when the Psycho and I were dating. She runs karaoke down in Pikerington. Refer to June 2005 if you don't remember The Psycho! But how could you forget? I digress. We were the only five-six people singing, and it was great. I had themes, first it was "Black" and I sang Black Velvet, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (which I fucking rocked on by the way!), and Paint it Black (which I will never sing again because I literally mutilated it.) Then I chose a beer theme, which included Beer Run (the Garth version, I just kinda beat that one to the ground), Pour Me, and Here for the Party. I'm getting pretty good at singing country. Then I kamikaze-d myself, and ended up singing (stupid poopy terrible) Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" which I actually rocked on, Blessid Union of Soul's "Hey Leonardo" (eh) and... I don't remember the other one. Then SL kamikaze-d me (cuz I had made him sing Wait and Roxanne) and I sang "Funky Cold Medina" which, for being the whitest honky in Ohio, I did pretty well. Around one thirty Rochelle and Tracy left, and at the same time Crash called Cat and told her that he was at the hospital and they were going to take his gallbladder out. So Cat gave us her drinks and we helped her load up the car and that was that. We spent $21.00 and drank about $50. Rock on.

Oh did I mention that I'm going to learn French? Also I'm going to become fluent in Spanish like I used to be. Go me.

11 August 2006

Sixty Four Percent...


64% Compatible

♥ Kelly and Salvatore have been romantically-together for awhile now, indicating a degree of compatibility. The age difference may create some difficulties in terms of compatibility. However, similar personality descriptions are a plus. Their shared faith will help form a bond between them. They both drink, so there is no incompatibility there. They are also both gamers. The fact that Salvatore is a big sports fan could be divisive, in terms of how the couple spends their time. The two share similar political beliefs, though. And then there is the fact that their styles mismatch, although that isn't too big a deal. Their astrological signs are in harmony, though, which is a plus. And their views on children are similar. Both are sexually-uninhibited. Kelly and Salvatore have a number of compatibility weak spots. With love and devotion these are not insurmountable. ♥

Test Your Dating Compatibility

10 August 2006

Yet another thing.

Fuck this.

09 August 2006


Let me once again reiterate how much I fucking hate NovaStar Mortgage.


I had a dream the other night that SL and I were visiting his family in New Jersey, but it looked more like Kansas, and they lived in a really old fashioned house. I guess they were having us over to look at the house so that we could move in to it or something. Well there was this old car in the yard, and it had been turned into a lawn decoration. SL and AL his brother were pouring chemicals all over it and sticking fireworks into it, and they were going to destroy it carefully but in a way that would please their manliness. They were about to light the fuse, when this crazy kid from across the street came running over and threw a cherry bomb into the car. We all ran for our lives, and hid behind the house and the trees, and then the car exploded and there was all this crazy shrapnel in weird colors and stuff. It was strange. I don't really remember much else about it, other than sitting in a weird dungeon type area at a long wooden table and waiting for some food to arrive. That happened awhile ago in a different dream I had about SL, before I met him. Whatever.

Cocaine is bad.

07 August 2006

Part two of two

Let's see. I have a lot to cover.

Back on July 29th, we went to Cleveland to visit my GMaP. She loves SL. We had a pretty good time. As fun as you can have I suppose. She's 89 years old now!

Monday I told you all about the great time at the new karaoke spot, where it was shot city. The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, Wednesday I went to the ENT to have my nose looked at, and he cauterized the inside with some chemicals which didn't really hurt that much but it really fucking sucked because my nose was dripping like crazy and I wasn't allowed to blow it at all. Then like seven hours later I did blow my nose and a blue shiny chunk came out (gross, I know) and I could finally breathe again. Thursday we went to Fiesta Jalisco for dinner (yum!) and then went to Gordy's for karaoke. It was super fun. I got wasted, and tried my very first Red Stripe beer, which is now my 2nd favorite beer ever. Hooray Beer! I found out that someone banged someone and it pissed me off, but at least he banged her doggy style and didn't kiss her or anything, so that was kinda redeeming. I hate Mel. Other than that Thursday was cool, except at Gordy's they had all these stupid fucking kids and I was so pissed off because I mean, come on, it's a BAR not a Romper-Room. Sheesh. Friday was blah, so was the weekend because SL had to work 3-11 and 2-10, so all I did was clean. Friday we did buy a poker set, so that was cool, and we had fun playing Texas Hold 'Em.

So, I'm irritated, and I'm tired of just holding it in, but I'm tired of telling SL all the time, so I'm going to just put it in writing and maybe someone will finally fucking get it. Disclaimer: Yes I know you work harder at your job than I do, that's not even the issue here.

My chores:
  • Collect, bring down, wash, and fold laundry
  • Cat boxen every other day
  • Dishes 20% of the time
  • Vaccuum
  • Sweep
  • Swiffer
  • Do the bathrooms
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Make dinner
  • Make lunches

SL's chores:
  • Put clean laundry away
  • Cat boxen every other day
  • Dishes 70% of the time
  • Take out the trash

Now can someone please explain why I always get an attitude when I ask him to do something? I don't even bother to ask him to do anything during the week because I know I'll get the mouth and the line about how hard he works and how tired he is when he gets home and how all he wants to do is sit. I'm just fed up. I'm about to go on strike again.

Part one of two

I had a dream that SL and I were going to visit his friends, the O'Hara/O'Neal family (not real life friends.) They lived in Arizona (apparently we did too) and had about seven kids. We got there, and SL and I were hanging out with the two oldest sons, Zach and Ed. Zach decided we needed to go to KMart, so he and I headed over there while SL and Ed stayed home. Once at KMart, Zach changed his mind and we left, but as we were leaving, the shoplifting sensors went off. We knew it couldn't be because of us because we hadn't even walked any farther than the lobby area, so we kept walking. All of a sudden, these guards started walking towards us really fast, so we made a break for the van, and they chased us. Zach drove around the block and we came back, and went back in the store to prove that it wasn't us. We walked in, turned around, and walked out, only to set off the sensors again. This went on for hours, until finally I was like, "Listen, I should go in and pretend to buy something, and then realise I don't have any money in pocket, and tell the lady I'm going out to the car to grab my purse, and we can just drive away. It's the only way to keep this from happening." So we did just that, Zach waited outside while I went in empty-handed and picked out a birthday card. I got through the line, and then when the clerk was about to ring me up I told her I forgot my purse in the car, and could she please wait while I ran out to get it? She said she would, but that there would be a 1,000% finance charge. I told her no problem. I walked out of the KMart, got in the van, and we drove away with no problem. When we got home, SL and Ed were drunk and half passed out, so Zach and I sat up playing the guitar and singing.
The next morning, SL and I went back to our house (which is the house we live in in real life actually) and for some reason it took us all day to get home because it was dark when we finally got there. Right as we were walking in the door, my mom and GMaP showed up. GMaP opened the door, and Mickey ran out while some other fluffier orange cat ran in. I was like, "Whatever, a fourth cat won't be a problem" but when I got a look at the new guy he was all dirty and filthy and flea covered, so I threw him out the door and grabbed Mickey back in.
Fade to black, open next morning. SL and I are driving back to the O'Hara/O'Neal home, for some sort of party. When we get there the boys are outside playing football with some friends. There is a big dryer in the yard with a poster above it saying something about "Adam." It turns out that one of their friends died from a dryer that had malfunctioned, and he inhaled all this dryer lint and his lungs got clogged and he died. Whoever could throw a football in the dryer would win some money to be donated to a charity. The dream ended as SL and I were sitting on the grass and a wayward football flew past my head, I leaned to the side to avoid getting hit and SL just looked at it.

The next dream I had was that I was sitting in an auditorium wearing a green sweater. Not a big thick wool sweater, just a light sweater set. More of a sage than a green. I was sitting there waiting for the Richie Vallie concert to start, and I started reminiscing. I thought back to the 1960's when I had been married to Richie Vallie. I specifically thought of one day when I was out with my girlfriends from the neighborhood, and something wonderful had happened. We had gone to Elder-Beerman to buy new sweaters to celebrate and surprise our husbands. The four of us (me, Natalie, and two girls whose names I couldn't remember) pulled up to Natalie's house in her brand new Cadilllac, red and white with big fins on the back, and the husbands were outside drinking Pabst and waiting for us... except my husband. I showed off my sweater to everyone, and went home to put the children down for a nap and get ready for my husband. I was planning on surprising him with my new sweater and no panties under my 60's style conservative skirt. I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, when he came in and opened the door. He looked pale and sick. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that someone he knew had died. I vaguely remember him saying who it was, but I couldn't focus. I tried to comfort him and suggested making love, but he just got angry and stormed out of the house, leaving me sobbing on the bathroom floor. I was still wearing my sweater set, and he hadn't even noticed.
Then I am back in the concert hall, and it's 2006, but I am still 24 years old. I am surrounded by all these people I know, that I have known for years. They are all people from my real life, from high school and work and things like that. The curtains go up and the lights go down, and Richie Vallie comes on stage. He's singing and dancing and he's really very old and worn down. He catched my eye, and stutters on a few lines. After the concert is over, there is a promotion guy on the stage tossing out passes to go backstage, coupons for stupid shit, etc. I catch a pass for Richie Vallie to perfom at my next birthday party, two backstage passes, and a coupon for popcorn. Everyone is leaving, and the backstage passes light up, indicating that it's time to go and get in line to meet Richie. I see him trying to sneak through the audience and he's headed my way. I am filled with elation. I start walking toward him, and stop short when I see him put his arm around a blonde girl that looks very familiar. I run up to him and try to kiss him, but I miss, and I say, "Richie, don't you want to kiss your own wife?!" to which he replies, "I know I missed but this is the girl I want to kiss. Meet Natalie." And it's Natalie from the neighborhood forty years ago, and I realise that they really were having an affair the whole time we lived there. I break down, collapsing in the aisle, and somehow someone drags me outside. It's Natalie's husband, he's older now too, and he takes me outside. He doesn't say a word, just hugs me, and leaves me with a crowd of my modern-day friends.
I never did find out how Natalie and I were in our 20's in the 60's and in 2006, but no one seemed confused by it.

06 August 2006


I listened to Joe.My.God on Sirius Radio online Friday morning. That was pretty cool.

I love beer.

My head hurts.

I need to find a scale to see if I've lost any weight.


Now, a song.

"A Lonely September"

I'm sittin' here all by myself
just tryin' to think of something to do
Tryin' to think of something, anything
just to keep me from thinking of you
But you know it's not working out
'cause you're all that's on my mind
One thought of you is all it takes
to leave the rest of the world behind

Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back/but I know you did

I'm sittin' here tryin' to convince myself
that you're not the one for me
But the more I think, the less I believe it
and the more I want you here with me
You know the holidays are coming up
I don't want to spend them alone
Memories of Christmas time with you
will just kill me if I'm on my own
I know it's not the smartest thing to do
we just can't seem to get it right
But what I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight

I'm sittin' here tryin' to entertain myself with this old guitar
But with all my inspiration goneit's not getting me very far
I look around my room and everything I see reminds me of you
Oh please, baby won't you take my hand
we've got nothing left to prove

And I didn't mean to meet you then
we were just kids
And I didn't mean to give you chills
the way that I kiss
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back but I know you did
Don't say you didn't love me back 'cause you know you did
No, you didn't mean to love me back
But you did

01 August 2006

Plain White T's and Shot City

Plain White T's rule. That is all.

Last night at karaoke, it was Shot City. Cat bought like 3 or 4 for us and SL bought like 3 or 4 more. I was crunk. It was so fun. I think we found our new spot! I love it.

Next, I would like to mention that I seem to be seeing Poke a lot more often than usual. This baffles me. But that's okay, he's a nice guy.

I had a dream that I was moving into Moose's house, which, coincidentally, he was moving out of, and it happened to be the house that I grew up in (in Macedonia.) It wasn't exactly the same as the real-life house, but very similar. We were in the addition part of the house, that the person who owned it before him had built for his mother to live in. It was like an apartment added on to the house. Moose found all these old boxes in the attic, and they ended up being left over from my childhood and apparently my parents had just left them there on accident. I discovered so many things I had forgotten about, such as little notepads I wrote in, a music book with some songs I tried to write, things like that. It was awesome. That was pretty much the whole dream, just me looking through these old boxes. Damn if that isn't symbolic, I don't know what is. Ha.