31 July 2006

The Pennsylvania Mountains

I had a dream last night that I was taking a train through the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was with my boyfriend, but the whole time I never saw his face. I don't know if it was SL or not. It was very snowy, but not especially treacherous, and every once in awhile the scene would pan out and show the mountains and a little train going through, like a miniature set. It was pretty. We made a stop in King of Prussia, so I decided to see if TS was able to meet us for lunch while we were there. I called him up, and he said he didn't have any money, so he was trying to borrow some from his roommate, and the guy was being a dick, so I said I would pay for lunch. We didn't get to meet though, because suddenly the train started up and we were on our way again. Apparently it wasn't a real stop, just more of a pause to let another train pass over the tracks or something. Well, we got to wherever it was that we were going, and COSI was there. I walked in through a secret side door, and when I was walking down this one hallway I realised I needed a ticket. I turned around before the ticket-taker guy saw me, and took the elevator down to the main floor. I was looking all over for my boyfriend after getting my ticket, but I couldn't find him anywhere. This COSI was very strange, it was like a combination of the old good one and the new crappy one and some sort of museum of natural history. Very strange. The dream ended with me wandering around this COSI and wondering where everyone was, because it seemed that they had closed and I was all alone in the building.

24 July 2006

Small Tits and a Big Mouth

Fuck her and her mouth and her small boobs.

So, since Julia is a hooker with small tits and a big racist mouth, Eldorado's has been crossed off my list of favorite places to go, at least for six months. Not to mention they overcharged me on Thursday. Oh and the only reason I mention her boobs is because last Sunday when all this shit went down, right before Julia opened her mouth and let the diarrhea out, she took off her shirt *completely off* and was just up there singing with her nubs hanging out. How disgusting. It wasn't even hot, it was just pathetic. Yes, yes, I have drunkenly (and not drunkenly) shown my boobs all over the place, but christ. I just flash. I don't hang out behind a mic and wave them all over the place. No one even cheered for her! Ha!

Top Cat Karaoke is no longer playing on Sunday nights, which to me is kinda shitty because I loved it, but more than that it's fucking awesome because it proves that Cat can stand up for herself and her beliefs, and that's great. Julia called Rochelle a nigger, and now there is no more karaoke.

Well, I take that back - Eldorado's karaoke is going to run it on Sundays, which proves even more that Ted is just a money sucking faggot. Yes. I think it's bullshit. I love C and Clde and Smiley J, but sheesh! It's been going downhill anyway, especially since the patrons are all old drunken losers who are burned out on life and have no other goal than to make others as miserable as they really are so that they can feel better about their pointless lives. Yes.

Besides that, I do have some nice things to talk about, such as SL's and my trip to the Jazz and Rib festival on Friday. It was hella fun. We weren't going to go at first, but at the last minute we changed our minds. We had three different places of ribs, Butch's (#2), Armadillo's (#1!) and Deperados (#3.) My favorite was Armadillos, but SL's was Desperados; I thought they sucked because there was no sauce and no flavor, it was just like eating boring old pork, but whatever. Armadillo's was hot and spicy and mmmmm I loved it. I love ribs! We got some homemade lemonade, some beans and coleslaw (with the Butch's ribs) and a funnel cake at the end. I was so happy. And I only went over on my daily calories by 3!! Yeah!!
Saturday and Sunday were boring, I helped my mom on Saturday with the garage sale (borrrrrrring!) and SL had to work late both days. I cleaned, did laundry, and made dinners... oh! Fashion Bug had a huge sale this weekend, and I spent $46 on the following: 1 pair of jeans (marked down from $104 to $9.98 which I got for $1.00), 2 bras, and one bra-tank-shirt thing, I don't know what it's called but it rules. I was very happy. I've needed new jeans and new bras for like, ever, and the shirt was a bonus. Fuckin' sweet man.

I've been very sad lately. I need some money. On the upside, SL's mom apologized to me for the terrible things she said about me/to me a few months ago. That was nice.

21 July 2006


I wish I was a lesbian so I could buy a strap on and pound the fuck out of Tf. Then all the boys would be jealous of me and I would have a hotty little girlfriend.

Alas, it shall never be.

Karaoke was fun last night.

19 July 2006


Not much to blog about today, life has been blah the last few days, which is just fine with me. It's fucking hot here in the Buckeye State, and it's kinda pissing me off. SL is confused over the news, because they are announcing heat index warnings and stuff like that, because it's over 85F and there is no wind, etc. etc. etc. See, in Florida, no big deal. In the north/northwest, big fucking deal. It isn't supposed to get terribly hot here, we're breaking records all over the place, and people are dying, mostly old people and kids. Why? Because people are so stupid. They're like, "Oh, it's hot, I'm going to go lay by the pool and dip in the water" and then they get heat stroke because they think immersing oneself in water is enough to keep from getting dehydrated. Or they're like, "The cost of energy to run the air conditioner is far too high, I'll just leave it off and run the fan" and then they get heat stroke because their body temperature raises to fatal levels... because they're cheap. I feel bad for people who can't afford a/c and for kids and stuff, but geeze. On the news they said that more people die in the northwest of heat-related issues than in Arizona, Florida, and California combined. Pathetic. Yesterday, I drank 18 cups (that's 144 ounces) of water. Take that, heat!

Speaking of drinking ass loads of water, I started a new diet, SparkPeople. It's similar to Weight Watchers, but a little easier to track stuff. You don't have to guess about points and things, because you just enter your food into the database, it brings it up (the only things that haven't been listed were Monster Energy Drink, Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea, and Nectarines) and tells you the nutritional value. The only thing I don't like about Spark is that unlike Weight Watchers, it really counts calories hard-core. Yesterday I had 1,503 calories and I was starved at the end of the day. If I had been going by Weight Watcher points I could have had all 30 points and then chowed down on carrots and jalapenos and such, without going over. Did you know that a carrot has 35 calories! Oh my god! But the good news is that in only 22 days I am going for my bariatric surgery evaluation, to see if I qualify. If I do, and if my insurance will cover a major portion, I'm going to do it. I've been fat my entire life, I've tried everything and more to lose the weight, and nothing works. I eat healthy, but I'm too out of shape to really exercise, so if I had the surgery I could just eat like I normally do but then I could execise as well! It would be wonderful!

Anyway, I want to go to the pool after work, but SL wants to go buy a dumb phone. So, I guess I will just have to work hard to convince him to go with my plan... we can get the phone tomorrow!

17 July 2006

I Rock! Like a 1980's Camaro.

Friday I worked until six pm, which was fine. By the way, if anyone has ever heard of Novastar, they suck and if you ever are refinancing and your loan officer mentions their name, leave that person immediately and come refinance with me. Yes.

Saturday morning I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. SL had to work from 11-7 so I cleaned the house up a little, ran some errands, and it was good. I wanted to buy bagged rock for the patio, because it's only $3.00 or less per bag, but I didn't. I bought a couple of things for the house though. I made tacos for dinner, because SL didn't go to his coworker's house after work to fix her computer, and they were delicious. I forgot the green onions though! But it was okay. We tried to have some people over, but no one showed up except for D*Martin, even though they said they would. Bastards. It was alright though, we ended up watching American Psycho, my favorite movie, and SL liked it. He didn't like the ending, but I told him he had to be more open minded to get it. I guess he didn't notice some little things that elude to the ending, but that's okay because I've seen it about seventeen or more times and that was his first time ever. Yes.

Sunday SL had to work again, so I cleaned the kitchen and then napped on and off all day because I didn't feel like doing shit. I watched the old "Little Women" on TMC and it was good. I fell asleep before the end, but that was fine because I know how it goes. I made pork tenderloin and green bean casserole for dinner, and it was delicious. Oh yes. We went to karaoke, and that was pretty fun. I saw my old friend JM, whom I haven't seen in about five years, and that was fucking awesome. I sang "Wake Up Older" and fucking rocked at it, surprisingly, I didn't think I would rock so much on a Buster. But I did! Go ME! I'mjust so proud of myself because I love that song. Now to tackle the Cherry Tree song. We'll see. Anyway, the evening was going well, RMac showed up and that was cool. Then, Julia the bartender supposedly in her drunkeness called this black chick Rochelle a nigger, and Cat got pissed, and CB pulled the plug on karaoke and it was a big drama. Cat took everything down and D*Martin loaded it all with SL's help into the car and that was that. Karaoke was over. We'll see if she comes back, I'm sure she will.

So, I'm going to make something very clear because I think it seems like I might be wishy-washy on this topic. I don't like Mel, the end. I think she is a drunken whore trying to present herself as a good-two-shoes, and I don't dig that. She can go far far away as much as I'm concerned. When I see her, she ruins my evening in the style of thinking you have a big bag of pure cocaine which turns out to be anthrax. The end.

Jason the Asian

Let's start with the first one.

I was going to a party at DJ's house, and it was his going away to Cleveland party. SL was with me. We drove over to DJ's parents' house, where he was staying, and it was in the woods. It was a humongous house, surrounded by trees. We parked on this lane, and walked in. The party was wonderful, everyone I knew was there, and we all had a great time. SUCH a good time in fact that we decided to have a second party the next night. For some reason, this next party was a going away party for NB also. So the next night SL and I headed out there, and when we arrived, I had him go up to the door to make sure people were there because I didn't want to be the first to go in. An hour later I woke up in the car, and realised that SL had never come back. I walked up to the garage and went into the house through the side door. SL was in there, flirting with TD and her friend MN. I started yelling at him, and noticed that my awesome outfit was turning stupid-looking with every word that came out of my mouth. I had been wearing my cool black shirt, jeans, and these nifty spike-heel boots, but as I spoke, my jeans turned into running shorts, and my spike heeled boots turned into a nasty green color and instead of pantyhose underneath I was wearing ugly green socks. So I stopped yelling, and walked away, and went to sit by NB, SB, and DJ, who were all doing coke in the living room. I sat on DJ's lap, because I was skinny in the dream, and he had coke all over his face. He kept snorting out and getting his used coke on me, and I was getting irritated. SL walked up the stairs when DJ's face was all close to mine, and got mad. He stormed out, and I didn't follow him. That was it.


I was at an amusement park in the woods, with my new boyfriend Chuck, the asian, and his brother Charlie and some girl. We were all having a wonderful time, and then it started to rain. We decided to go back to Chuck's apartment, and they went in their car and I went in mine. We were driving down 270, and they passed me right before I got stuck in traffic caused by an accident. I ended up back at their complex about 45 minutes later. I was looking all over for Chuck, and I couldn't find him. Their apartment complex looked more like a commune than a community. I was wandering around all over, and I finally found Charlie. I asked him where Chuck was, and he said "Who is Chuck?" and I was like "My boyfriend, the asian!" and he said that his name was Jason, not Chuck. Then I remembered it was actually Jason. So Charlie gave me his number, and I tried calling him, and kept wandering. I finally ended up at his apartment, where I found him making out with this girl who looked like a girl I went to high school with. I yelled at Jason why would he do that when we just started dating, and he said that although I had the better personality, was prettier, and better in bed, he chose her because she was ugly and boring and needed love too. I told him that was absolutely ridiculous, and totally not fair. I went around the apartment and started collecting my belongings, and found a notebook that I had written in sitting on the kitchen table. It was a real-life written account of this blog! Some girls were trying to talk to me, and then ND from work came in and told me it was time to go back to the amusement park. That was it.

14 July 2006

Oh yeah, and...

I forgot to mention that my new favorite color combinations are brown and pink and brown and teal/aqua/turquoise.


A Real-Life Freak

Lots of freaks in the world, lots and lots. Well, I met one last night that really blew me away. She was in her... 40's I would say, nice looking, good hygiene, neat hair, etc. She liked my dad-fucking shirt, seemed nice enough, and mentioned that she was a bartender. Then, it happened. There is this strange kind of girl, the "Bride of Darkness" as she calls herself, who is like Goth-heavy-metal-punkish. Black lips, eyes, tattered shirts, etc. Whatever, it's a style I used to promote myself, back in the day. She's a friendly girl, talks too much for my liking, but nonetheless she isn't offish or bitchy or anything. She sings strange songs, such as "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and some other rahr-rahr-grahrahr songs. For a chick, she does alright! I could never do that! Anyway, she gets up to sing one of her blander songs, and the "nice" bartender lady yells "FREAK!" And from that moment on, everytime the music stopped playing, or there was a pause in noise, this woman could be heard yelling "FREAK!" as loud as she could. What a fucking cunt. It upset the Bride of Darkness so much that she and her friends left. The thing that disappointed me was that this woman was clearly old enough to be their mother, and supposedly a bartender, so she should not only be mature enough to deal with people who look weird, but she should be used to it! All kinds of crazies go into bars! Not to mention I was also disappointed that my friend Geese (ghee-z) condoned her behavior, saying there was "a good reason". I can't think of one good reason why someone should be allowed to call other people names, but whatever.

Also at Eldo's last night was a bitch and her closeted boyfriend. She reminded me so much of LF that used to work with me, it was scary. When I first saw her I thought it was her even. But anyway, this girl was a bitch, hardcore. When SL was singing "Folsom Prison Blues", she said, loudly enough for me to hear, that Dave (her gay boyfriend) was so much better than SL. I almost went over to punch her in her ugly face right then. After that, she made some comment about smoking in Columbus, and how it's not allowed indoors, and I smart-assedly replied that I wasn't smoking, the cigarette was, and somehow this warranted a blow job mouth/hand motion from her. You know, where you poke your cheek with your tongue and move your fist in and out. Whatever. Cunts. Later on in the night she was nice to me, while we were waiting for the bathroom, but I pretended to be nice just because I didn't want to have to take a bitch down.

GMc is back from Canada, FINALLY! He was there for nine loooooong weeks. It felt like a million years. But at least he has everything sorted out now, mostly. It was so awesome to see him last night! We did three shots, a kamikaze, a Jaeger bomb (it was humongous!) and an apple pucker that was supposed be for Slim, but he changed his mind. I was d. r. u. n. k. I had 3 Mike Lights, 3 shots, and 2 pitchers. I couldn't believe I drank that much. I thought I was going to die on the way home, everything was spinning. We went to Taco Bell and I was starving, but when we were driving home we were behind this stanky truck and I swear I almost yakked right there in the car. Needless to say, I lost my appetite, and when we got home I hung myself over the toiley until I finally made myself barf so I wouldn't die of dizziness. It was alright. But I didn't eat my Taco Bell. It's for lunch today. *grin* I haven't been that drunk in soooooo long. Years I think. Because the last time I got so drunk, it was on liquor, and if I get drunk drunk on liquor, I just pass out/black out. When I get drunk on beer, it's puke city for me. But that's okay, I am getting tired of drinking. Once or twice a week is even too much for me anymore. I'm getting old.

My new favorite song is "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall. I still can't sing it at karaoke though. Damnit.

11 July 2006

The Number One Most Fucked Up Dream Ever

Even for me.

I dreamt that I was on a bus with some former classmates of mine, and we were headed to an amusement park. We lived in England, or some other very green hilly country where it is foggy all the time. We arrived at the park, and it was closed, so we went to a TV studio where a show was being taped, and got free tickets to sit and watch it. The show was like American Idol, but it was for mothers and daughters. The pair we saw was wonderful, and they beat out all three other pairs that day. Somehow, I got hired to work there. I was walking down the hall trying to find a bathroom and this guy stopped me and asked if I could sing. I said yes, so he asked me to be a stand-in judge. Then, I was hired. I went home from there, to my house which looked like an old-fashioned house, it was the tall skinny kind, in a neighborhood that reminded me of Harvard Square. My house was attached to a church, incidentally called St. Mary Magdalene. I walked in, and realized that I was in a lot of pain. My stomach hurt and my back hurt, so I laid down on the couch and began to watch some talk shows. I couldn't bear the pain after awhile, so I called SL to come home and help me, because I thought I might have to go to the hospital. When he got home, I was bleeding from my nether-regions, and writhing in pain. He stuck his hand up inside me, and pulled out a little sac filled with three babies. One of them wasn't actually a baby, it was more like a pouch with a bone and a vein inside, and the other two were joined at the head. Only one baby was normal, other than the half-baby attached to it. That baby wasn't completely developed, it was just a head with a torso and little shrunken arms and legs, no ears or hair or anything. The babies were all wearing pink bows on their skulls though. They came out of the sac dry, and I tried to wrap them up so SL could put them back inside me. I couldn't get the sac to stay closed though. I called my mom to ask her what I should do, but when she answered the phone I could hear her talking to my dad about what to lecture me on for not being at work in the middle of the day. She finally said hello and I replied "I'm pregnant with triplets" and her response to that was "well, its likely that only one of them will survive, maybe two if you're lucky." I told her the situation, and she said I should just leave them out and put them in a bowl of water or in the bathtub so that they didn't shrivel up. Then we got to talking about the cats, and my little ex-step-sister-in-law was in my house, and she had a kitten named Isabella. As I was hanging up, she took the kittens and walked out the door. I didn't follow her. After that, I put the babies in a bowl on the kitchen table, and then went and took a shower and got dressed. SL was still home, and I noticed that he looked like he was crying. I asked him why, and he said that he had just gotten fired because they didn't want to keep him around until New Year's. I asked if he had called to tell his work what happened, and he said he did, and had talked to Gary. Gary said they would figure something out, but then Emily called back and told SL that he was fired. I told SL he should call Gary directly because Emily was probably lying. He went off to call Gary, and I went outside. Right out the door, a priest was giving a tour of the church grounds, and was telling the story of Ben Pritchard and Kyle Quigley and how they single-handedly brought down the church garage. I remembered when that happened (this was not in real life, btw) and so I helped the priest tell the story. The last thing that I remember is walking down the street looking very trendy.

10 July 2006

La plupart de week-end de blah de toute l'heure.

Thursday we went to Eldo's for karaoke, which we haven't done in forever. It was a really fun time, I drank Harpoon, and lots of people were there. TomCat was there, Moose, GG, etc. We met a guy from Morristown New Jersey, and he was really nice. He talked to GG about the Seeing Eye Dog school. The Sir was there too, and we haven't seen him in forever. Overall, a great night.

Friday was fun too. GG and SL and I went to Jersey Mike's for dinner. GG and SL got giant sized subs, and I got a regular, and I barely finished mine... but they ate their whole subs! The HUGE ones! I was not surprised that SL could, but I didn't think GG would be able to. She's eaten a whole giant sub before, but it was a smaller type sandwich, not the Club Supreme with like five meats and cheese and bacon and toppings and all that. Whoo. After dinner we headed back to my house, and just chilled. GG finally got to see the upstairs of my apartment, and she thought it was cool, I think. The only bad thing that happened on Friday was that Mickey farted on GG's lap and made her throat feel funny- SL and I are used to it so we didn't even notice, but it was toxic to her! After we dropped GG off at home, SL and I went to Kroger in Graceland to buy meat and cat litter and some other stuff. I love that Kroger, it's so nice and clean and fancy.

Saturday I made omlettes for breakfast, and they were huge. I filled them with cheese, tomatoes, and green onions, and put fresh mushrooms in SL's (but not mine!) I was quite impressed with myself. We were going to go to Big Lots to buy some stepping stones to put on the patio, but SL mentioned that he had to pay his health insurance and I felt guilty for wanting to buy stones, so we didn't go. I napped all day and I don't know what SL did. He made steaks for dinner, and they were delicious, if a bit overdone. The flavor was awesome though. I made fries, green beans, and sauteed mushrooms/onions/garlic to go with it. Before the steaks we went to the pool, and it was so cold! It was also super crowded, which I hate. Kids were bumping into us and stuff, and it was not that fun. We only stayed an hour. While we were eating, Douger and his kid came over. His kid is so cute! I don't remember how old he is though, but he is a nice kid. We watched a movie on Saturday night... it was... Dark Water. Not too bad, not too great, but it was alright. I thought it was going to be scarier, but it was just mildly scary.

Sunday I was going to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast, but then I realized we didn't have any eggs. The next plan was to make blueberry biscuits, but then I opened the milk and almost yakked because it was so sour. And full. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I made pierogies instead, and then SL went to work. I watched the new Planet of the Apes, and it was great. I wouldn't pay money to see it, but it was on FX, so that was cool. I thought it was going to be like the original, which I love, but it wasn't really anything like it. But I did like the new one. I masturbated like 150 times, took a shower, and then went to Payless to buy some new sandals. They didn't have the hippie kind like I had before, so I got some Airwalk flops that rock. They are like slippers kind of, because they don't have that stupid stick to put between my toes. I hate that stick. After Payless I headed over to Kroger and did some MAJOR shopping, since our cupboards were literally bare, and spent $183.68. I was very proud of myself. I rearranged all the cupboards and the fridge and the freezer, and our shelving once again looks like a grocery store. Yippy! SL came home around eight-fifteen, and I was making Crunchwraps for dinner... except they didn't really work out. I had all the right ingredients, but the tortillas would not wrap around the tostadas. It kinda sucked, but it tasted good anyway, so that was okay. After dinner we went to Eldo's for karaoke, and it was an alright time. I got kinda drunk, but not really, and it was kind of annoying. We had fun though, and we won a t-shirt and a hat. We got White Castle on the way home, and I will just say that their garlic cheeseburgers are super garlicky. Woah.

So, this thing has been happening to me. I'm pretty much completely miserable, and I know it's ruining SL's life. He's not happy anymore, and it's my fault. But I can't get out of this funk, feeling like a failure and a terrible person and all that. I blame it all on MMA, but I suppose I should blame myself for marrying him in the first place. I just wish I could be happy.

SL really hurt my feelings last night, because I felt like he didn't care at all about what I was trying to tell him. I was thinking about how I would like to move to Massachusettes, because I'm always so happy when I go there. I've always visited during a time of strife in my world, and going to Salem really makes me at peace with things. SL said I was crazy, that's not true, and it's just because I'm on vacation. I think he's wrong. I think I'm supposed to be there at some point in my life. Maybe I used to live there in a different life or something, I don't know. When I said that he said there is no such thing as reincarnation. Basically he kept putting down every single thing I had to say, so I just went to sleep because I didn't feel like having to defend my beliefs at three o'clock in the morning. I don't know what to do about that. If his beliefs are so different from mine, this relationship will never last and we will never be able to raise children together. I feel kind of betrayed because he was being so close-minded, and because suddenly he has all these strong religious feelings that I never knew about before. I always thought we were on the same page, or at least in the same chapter, but it seems that I was mistaken.

07 July 2006

Freak on a Leash

It's funny when you find out who is into BDSM. I'm highly amused and yet not surprised at all. Way to go. You know who you are.

Anyway, there is a song on the radio called "Keg in the Closet" by Kenny Chesney (yay) and I can't concentrate so I will say that last night karaoke FUCKING rocked, I even stopped in at Zuey's after SL and I walked GG home, and it was just wonderful. I had such a happy time last night. Oh yes.

Now, a sad song because there is far too much joy happening.

Wake Up Older
~Julie Roberts~
Slept in my makeup
Didn't get my teeth brushed
I crashed on the couch
And now my mouth tastes like yesterday's news
Well hello Jim Beam
Oh the places you've seen
If only you could talk
You'd tell me why he walked out on me and you

Oh the things lovers do when it's over
Oh the things lovers do when it's done
Find a cool bottle or a warm shoulder
Wake up older
And try to move on

I drove around last night
Thinkin' 'bout our last fight
I cruised by your house
And all the lights were out and you were gone
So I found me a stranger
With his comforting danger
But I thought about you
The whole time we were gettin' it on

Oh the things lovers do when it's over
Oh the things lovers do when it's done
Find a cool bottle or a warm shoulder
Wake up older
And try to move on

Find a cool bottle or a warm shoulder
Wake up older
Wake up older

Slept in my makeup
Didn't get my teeth brushed
I crashed on the couch and now my mouth tastes like
Yesterday's news

06 July 2006

God Bless {insert country here}

What an un-eventful weekend. Thank god.

Friday was fairly wonderful, SL and I went to the Reds v. Indians game (like some sort of Cherokee battle!) in Cincinnati. It was a great game, even though the stupid Reds won. They were sneaky though, because they played like shit the whole game until the bottom of the ninth when some dude hit a Grand Slam. Oh man, I was pissed. But the guys who work in our Cincinnati and Kentucky offices were thrilled. Sheesh. After the game DD and TD wanted us to go to this bar, Pachinkos or something, in Kentucky (Cincinnati is on the border of OH/KY) and so we drove over there, but oh my god, it was ghetto around this very nice area. The bar looked packed and we weren't much in the mood for spending more than $2.25 on a beer, so we drove back to Ohio. There is an IHOP in Cincinnati, so we went there. IHOP always shows commercials in Columbus, but the closest one is either Cincinnati or Findlay, and that makes me sad. I got a funnell cake meal and so did SL. It was wonderful!! We had so much fun. The title company that works with my company paid for the whole game and everything, so including parking and IHOP and gasoline, we spent just over $50.00 and got to sit/hang out in the awesome party box. What a great night. SL was sickly when we came home and I had to go to CVS at 3am to get him some tummy medication. I couldn't sleep then because I was worried about him being sick, so I didn't even fall asleep until about 6am. That sucked.

Saturday I woke up around 11am, because I didn't want to sleep until two or whatever just from being up so late. I worked on the computer for a little while, then I took SL's card and went to run a few errands and do some shopping. I paid CheckSmart, went to Sav-a-Lot to get some marinade and toilet paper, and went to Big Lots to get some goggles. At Big Lots they were having a HUGE sale on everything, so I also bought two tiki torches and some fuel. Then I headed over to Nazareth and bought gyros for SL and myself for lunch. When I got home, SL had been on the computer the whole time I was gone, and didn't clean up the dishes or anything, and I was a little irritated because he never does anything on his own. I got over it, and watched this great special on the History Channel about Ben Franklin. Then I took a nap. After that we headed over to Y and J's new (well, new to me, they moved in in March) apartment for a small cookout. J doesn't actually live there I found out, because they are both still working on their divorces. That's cool. Y cut all her hair off and it looks so awesome. I'm slightly envious because when I cut my hair short two years ago, her style was what I wanted but I ended up with mushroom-butt hair. Oh well. Her kids are getting so big, especially the baby! I couldn't believe it. I'm glad to see she's happy. SL tried to start some shit with me when we were at Kroger getting beer and pop, but I just ignored him and suggested he stop trying to pick a fight just because we haven't fought in so long. He was pouty and being kinda bratty, but he got over it.

Sunday SL had to work 2-10, which sucked. I cleaned the kitchen again and picked up around the house. If I do say so myself, it looks great. I also made homemade asian chicken wings for our party on Monday. Other than that, I basically relaxed, which was for about one hour out of eight. Douger came over and brought 17 beers for me, which I loved, and I got to meet his kid, who is cute. I picked SL up at 10pm and we went to get some Taco Bell. We didn't go to karaoke because he got home so late.

Monday I had to work, whatever hours I chose because everyone else was off. I came in from 10am to 7pm, and cleaned out our filing cabinets of old files to be shredded. Then I had to catalog them. That was fun, except for the big thunderstorm that knocked out the power for a second. I like being in the office alone because I can actually get stuff done! After work SL and I went over to J1&J2's house for a small party. Turns out that everyone had been over early in the day, but they still had a ton of food left over. I brought my chicken wings, SL loved them and so did J1's roommate, B. He's a cool guy, I may have mentioned him a few months ago. We watched "The Closer" which was an alright show. Not as good as SVU!! Nothing compares!! And then watched (stupid) Red, White & Boom on TV. That was okay. We basically just hung out and drank and talked and watched the kids run ragged and then went home. When we got home we watched Dirty Pretty Things, with my favorite actress Audrey Tautou, and it was pretty good. I couldn't finish it though, because I was so tired.

Tuesday the fourth we chilled in the morning, I made pancakes, and then we finished watching the movie. Around 4pm we went over to my parents' house for a cook out. My mom made burgers (yay!) and chicken (not yay but I ate some anyway) and beans and potato salad and everything. It was awesome. We watched Lifetime movies while my dad and SL did some shit on the computer. I have no clue. Later my mom gave us some gifts they bought in Myrtle Beach for us, a t-shirt for SL and 2 t-shirts for me plus a pair of cute flip-flop earrings and a cat business card holder. Yay. We watched a couple of specials on TV, like Macy's 4th of July and a Capitol Fourth, the NYC one sucked but the Capitol one was great. Except for Elmo, I hate that guy. SL and I headed to Brewstir's around 10:30pm, and it was an alright time there. I won one game of trivia, but pathetically lost the rest. SL did alright, and so did The Sir. Ace and some guy Sancho were leading the board the whole time. I sang America-themed songs, and just for future reference, don't ever let me sing "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" by Toby Keith EVER EVER EVER again. Seriously. I even put it up a half and it was still too low. No thanks. We didn't get drunk, and came home, and it was all fine.

Yesterday was uneventful as well, work was fine, and blah blah. SL pissed me off because he let the cat boxes go for four days, and because he didn't do any of the dishes. Well, I take that back, he did load about 1/4 of the dishes into the dishwasher, but didn't finish. I just don't understand why I always do everything and he doesn't do anything until I get pissed off at him for not doing it after I asked him to days ago. I guess I just have to get used to him acting like he still lives with his mother, I don't know. I went to bed and he played on the computer, and he didn't even come to sleep until after 3am. Whatever.

Today I have to go get my busted blood vessel in my nose coterized (sp?) and I am not looking forward to it. Maybe they won't do it today and just give me an evaluation... not sure.

04 July 2006

Flash Update

Not as in Java but as in Gordon. Ha.

I haven't posted a real entry in so long that there is no way I can tell you everything that has happened. So, I will give you a run down.

Lots of karaoke at Brewstir's on Weber, no karaoke anywhere else. We had to cut down how much we were spending and drinking. NB moved to Texas, that made me sad. I will miss him a lot. I found out my dead ex isn't dead, that fucked me up in the head. I realised that when I'm pissed or upset or whatever, I want beer, but not to get rid of the pain. Just to take the edge off. We drank some really bad beer, called DAB, from Germany. Yuck. It's only good when you're high, otherwise it tastes like sewage. The kittens got their shots. SL and I met this guy, DF, who gave us cocaine and it was terrible and I did some and I never EVER want to do it again. He was a nice guy though and had a cool dog named Vanilla. I saw Scarface for the first time ever, loved it, saw Casino, did not like it so much. Also saw Date Movie, good movie, not as funny as I thought it would be though. We got a free 30 day Blockbuster trial. I shaved down my Sprint plan because I felt like I was being ass raped for stupid shit. Now I only have unlimited txt msg and equipment protection. Fuck them and their $70 a month. No thanks. I figured out how to fix my money situation, thanks to my boss. It involves me not getting a part-time job, thank god. Even though I already got one, I haven't started yet. But anyway. Things are going a little better, I'm still messed up in my head from this shit that happened awhile ago, and on top of that VS pretty much came back from the dead, so... yeah.


Warning: Super Descriptive Dream

I went to a party last Saturday night (got real drunk, got in a fight, uh-huh, it ain't no big thing) at my friend RE(D)B's house, where she lived with her husband, in Findlay. There were a lot of people there, including a girl Mary from high school, and a young John Goodman, and ND from work, along with some folks I didn't know. It was a very good time, John Goodman played with the band and their house was huge so it wasn't crowded. I was feeling a little bit irritated because I was on the rag though. Then I met this boy, Clint. He looks like the Mac guy from the Apple Commercials. I guess I had met him before, and vaguely remembered him. He said he was a Whetstone kid, and that was how he knew everyone. I told him that didn't make any sense since no one at the party was a Whetstone kid, but he insisted. I was trying to get some ice cream from the freezer, and he blocked my way. I told him to get the heck out of my area, but he refused, so I just went back down to the family room to watch the movie that was playing. Right when I tried to sit in the chair, he jumped into it and I ended up on his lap. I got out of the chair and knelt in front of it, and tried to reason with him about blocking my ice cream and thieving my chair and so on. He apologized, and out of the corner of my eye I saw ND making blow job faces and laughing. So, I got up and went into the bathroom to get some peace. Right as I was sitting on the toilet, pants down and everything, Clint comes and sits down; again I end up on his lap. I'm like, "Dude you had better move before I stain your jeans" and he says he doesn't care because "a woman's period is a natural thing in life" or something 1970's school video-ish. He steals my stupid pad and looks at it like he had never seen a feminine napkin before. He says something like he thought it would be bloodier or grosser or something and I inform him that it's the last day so the flow is light. He accepts that reasoning, and gives the pad back to me. Then he's looking all over for soap to wash his hands (because it's only polite he says) and can't find any manly soap. Everything in this bathroom is girly, because it's RE(D)B's bathroom. TB's bathroom is on the other side of the room. Clint goes over there to wash his hands. At this point I'm just like wtf mate, and so I sit down on the couch to wait for Clint and accept that he likes me and maybe we can hang. Well, I wait and wait and wait, someone asks me where SL is and I remind them that his mother made him move to New Jersey and I was not invited, and I wait some more. This guy Joe (who likes to show his balls at karaoke in real life) comes up to me and I ask him if he knows where Clint is. He says that Clint left because I told him he was boring. I ask everyone if they have Clint's number, but no one does. So I go home, hoping to see him at the next party or something. I give everyone my number so they can give it to him if they see him out. The next morning I am running a little late for work, but I decide to stop in at this greek donut place anyway. I thought I was only running about 5 minutes behind, but when I look at the clock it says I am 30 mintues late. So I call the office, and instead of answering, KG just sticks me into DE's voicemail. This irritates me, so I decide not to get her a donut. I'm in the shop, and the greek people who work there are so funny looking, like caricatures of greek people instead of actual greek people. It's scary. The girl keeps touching my arm like we're friends. I finally get my donuts and get back to the car, except this creepy guy that has been watching me the whole time is making me nervous and I step in a big pile of sawdust. It gets all up in my shoes and everything, and I have to wipe my shoes off in the snow as I swing myself into the car. Did I mention that it's winter and I live in Massachusettes? Yeah. The last scene is me driving to work, feeling irritated. But I liked my outfit, it was black knee-high boots, long black skirt, dark grey turtle neck, and black scarf. I looked awesome.